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Name: Irene Brückle
Location: Fellbach, D
Phone: +49 711 66 46 38 11
Designation: Fellow
Specialties: Art on Paper
Services: Conservation Administration,Conservation Education
Materials: Paper
Willing to Travel: No

Biographical Information:

Irene Brückle is an expert in the conservation and restoration of works of art on paper. She has many years of experience in dealing with the works of old masters and modern art—both individual treatments as well as preservation. She has taught in these areas since 1992. She was also involved in the restoration of works of art on paper in Germany and the United States in various major museums and in freelance work. She was awarded the Sheldon and Caroline Keck Award for Excellence in Conservation Education by the American Institute for Conservation 2005 for her twelve-year commitment to conservation education in the United States.

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