BPG Wiki: Historical Techniques and Materials

by Katherine Kelly & Denise Stockman | Nov 10, 2017

The time has come to address some of the historical treatment procedures on the Wiki. You may have read about some techniques on there and thought "Does anyone still do that?"

We would like to identify procedures that are no longer in use, and move them to a Historical Techniques and Materials section that we have created at the bottom of each of the Wiki pages that began as a Paper Conservation Catalog chapter. This section can also be used for procedures that predate the Catalog, but would be useful for people to know about. 

The Alkalization and Neutralization page (written in 1985) has several outdated techniques listed. As an example, we have moved Diethyl Zinc to the new section on Historical Techniques and Materials with a brief comment about its history of use. Can you help us identify others?

Here is how you can help:

  • Identify a paper conservation procedurethat is no longer in use (there appear to be quite a few in the Wiki).
  • Write a few sentences about how it was performed (existing text can be used) and why it is no longer used. It would be especially interesting to describe evidence of the treatment having been done that can be discovered during the examination of an object. Cite any relevant articles you are aware of, especially those that state the reasons why the treatment is no longer used. 
  • Send it to us so that we can add it to the Historical Treatments section, and you will be credited as a contributor. 

As you look around, you may notice that several PCC chapters are looking much cleaner and well-organized. For this, we owe our thanks to the reformatting volunteers who responded to the call for help over the summer: Sharon Fickeissen, Michelle Hamill, Jill Iacchei, Clare Manias, and Rebecca Smyrl. This work is ongoing and we thank all who are contributing!