News from the BPG Chair

by Jodie Utter | Jul 31, 2018

Hello BPG members!

This column is a way to introduce myself to the group and share some of my goals for the organization in the next two years. If you’re anything like me, you don’t normally read these articles; if and when I do, I might skim them, but more often than not I don’t bother. So, if you do that now, I clearly deserve it, but I’m hoping you’ll stay with me for at least some of the column. I’ve been thinking about my aspirations for the group and here are some of them:

  • I would like to work towards increasing the feeling of inclusion and personal ownership of BPG to its members.
  • I want our group to be welcoming to all of our members where there is opportunity to get involved to help the group, help others, and create opportunity for professional growth.
  • I would like us to celebrate what we have to offer, to work towards more members enhancing our wiki page, and to get involved with topics you care about.
  • I would like every BPG member to know what sort of resources are available for professional enrichment, specifically through the Carolyn Horton and Christa Gaehde Grants, both administered by AIC but specifically offered for the study and research in the conservation of works on paper.
  • I would like to work towards fiscal neutrality, so that we do not spend more than we take in.

In closing, I would like to applaud the AIC staff and board, Houston members, and everyone involved in making the Houston annual meeting of AIC one of the best I’ve ever attended. The talks were excellent, the venue was wonderful (even the food was great). The BPG officers and volunteers did an outstanding job of organizing a memorable program; the talks were interesting, varied, and ran on time. The BPG tips luncheon was invigorating—so many great topics were covered quickly and very well. The BPG reception hosted by the Houston Natural Science Museum was a one of a kind experience—great job, Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Program Chair. The discussion groups, both the LCCDG and the joint BPG session with the Electronic Media Group covered a variety of relevant topics, with many thanks to the many moderators and participants alike.

Finally, a big thank you to outgoing officers, BPG Chair, Whitney Baker and Program Chair, Debra Cuoco. You’ve done great work these past two years and you will both be missed greatly. Whitney will transition to Chair Emerita, heading up the groups nominating committee. Thank you to Michelle Facini, who has served so well in that capacity the past two years. Thank you to the many individuals who serve as discussion group moderators, and BPG committee members; the group could not function without your efforts, energy, and ideas. The BPG board and I are grateful for all of you.

To all BPG and AIC members, I look forward to connecting with you in the future. In the coming months, my next columns will explore some of my aspirations for the group, hopefully in a practical way. I realize two years is a short time, but I would like to start, and I welcome your input. You can contact me at bpg [dot] jodie [dot] utter [at] gmail [dot] com.

—Jodie Utter, BPG Chair, bpg [dot] jodie [dot] utter [at] gmail [dot] com