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Membership Designation Working Group

The Membership Designation Working Group is part of the AIC structure.  The working group was formed in December of 2016 to investigate options for recognition of conservation and allied professionals within the organization and the field of conservation at large. 


Working closely with the AIC Membership Committee and the AIC Education and Training Committee (ETC), the Member Designation Working Group will review, evaluate, and generate a proposal for revising and strengthening AIC’s membership categories to enhance demographic and professional specificity, to reflect the training and expertise of AIC’s current membership, and to support AIC’s ability to promote its members and the conservation profession.  

Proposed Working Group Activities:

  • Review current AIC membership categories and become familiar with current peer-review process
  • Conduct a survey and/or review relevant data from prior surveys to identify current demography and professional specialization of AIC membership
  • Evaluate the needs of the membership and potential benefits of new member designations, with consideration for the impact on AIC, and with consideration for the changing professional role of the conservator as well as allied professionals. Demographics of special concern, and specific action items, are:
    • Collection Care Professionals
      • Explore possibility of (and demand for) additional membership categories for allied professionals (e.g. collection care specialists) as well as a pathways for achieving this status should AIC membership support implementation
      • Review the results of the CCN survey on Collection Care Management Staff Titles
    • Conservators in Private Practice
      • Ensure that peer-reviewed membership designations meet the needs of conservators in private practice
    • Emerging Conservation Professionals
      • Review the process of becoming a professional conservator (including internships, graduate school, and post-graduate fellowships) with respect to the post-graduate employment climate as relevant to achieving peer-reviewed status in AIC
  • Assess the demand for a restructured peer-reviewed status through an evaluation of the changing profession
    • Develop new membership categories as necessary
    • Consider additional membership designations and pathways, including certification
  • Review, identify, and clarify eligibility criteria for all membership categories, old and new
    • Develop a proposal for maintaining peer-reviewed status via a continuing education requirement (this will include revisiting past ETC/Membership Committee discussions on the topic)
  • Evaluate how potential changes in the membership structure will impact AIC mission statement


Meet the Group Members

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