BPG Annual Tip Guidelines 2019

The Book and Paper Group Annual is a non-juried collection of papers pertaining to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, paper artifacts, books, and library and archival materials. The Annual compiles postprints (full text papers, summaries, or abstracts) of papers presented at the Book and Paper Group (BPG) Specialty Group sessions at the AIC Annual Meeting and independently submitted papers that are of interest to BPG. 


Papers presented at the Specialty Group session of the Annual Meeting are selected by committee based on abstracts. After presentation, authors have the opportunity to revise their papers before submitting them for publication in the Annual. There is no further selection review of these papers. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submissions and the methods and materials they present. The original abstracts distributed at the meeting are published if the authors do not submit either their full text or a revised abstract. Discussion Group moderators/chairs are asked to submit to the Annual a summary of the discussion they organize.

Independent submissions are published at the discretion of the BPG Publications Committee. Authors who wish to submit an independent article are encouraged to contact the Managing Editor to indicate their intent to submit and solicit feedback from the Publications Committee. 


Authors submitting papers to the Annual are required to provide the BPG with written permission to print their submission and non-exclusive electronic rights to publish it online. It is the responsibility of authors to seek and obtain permission to publish from other rights holders (owners of objects described or illustrated, photographers, illustrators, or copyright holders other than the author) and to provide appropriate credits. Authors, not the BPG, are responsible for any payment of fees to such rights holders. Authors may note in the letter of permission restrictions on print or electronic publication required by the author or other rights holders, but the BPG retains the right to remove an image, text, or entire article from print and/or online publication if meeting or maintaining the specified restrictions proves impractical.


Authors, not the BPG or AIC, own the copyright on the material they publish in the Annual. Authors are free to publish their own material verbatim or in revised form elsewhere. Future publishers who wish to reproduce all or parts of material published in the Annual must seek permission from the authors, not from BPG or AIC. When reproducing figures in your text from a copyrighted source, you are responsible for clearing permission before submitting your paper.

Submission Instructions

Submit your tip as a document file (.doc/.docx), following the JAIC Style Guide, by July 1 to bpgannual [at] gmail [dot] com. There is a strict 1000-word limit for Tip submissions.

Tip Format

Lead author should be listed first
Text body
Headings/subheadings determined by the author(s); may include: Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, etc. Number headings (e.g. 1) and subheadings (e.g. 1.1, 1.2) as a cue for the layout designer - these numbers will not appear in the final publication. Formatting of headings may change based on layout needs.

Back matter: (in this order; each paper may not include every section)

(limited to 3; do not put references here)
(sources referenced in the text; follow Chicago Manual of Style
Further Reading
(sources not referenced in the text, but on the same topic)
Sources of Materials

For each author:

Job Title
City, State
List of figures with captions

Formatting notes

Do not use your word processor’s automatic text-formatting features (i.e. bulleted or numbered lists, endnotes, style sheets, etc.)

Do not embed figures or figure location notes into your word-processing document.  Instead, place a cue [e.g. (fig. 1)] in the body of the text where the figure is referenced.
Notes are limited to three. Place a cue [(e.g. (note 1)] in the body of the text where the note is referenced.

Do not use copyright, trademark, and registered symbols for products.

Write in the third-person!


Figures must be submitted separately from the text of the paper. Figures are printed in black and white in the hardcopy version of the Annual, so please ensure they remain legible in grayscale. There is a strict 10-figure limit for Tip submissions.

Figure requirements:

  • At least 300 DPI (do not submit the small files used in your presentation)
  • For images: TIFF files ideal, JPEG files acceptable; avoid embedding text in images
  • For charts and graphs: editable .doc  file; do not submit PDF or PPT files
  • Name each figure with the appropriate reference number (e.g., “Smith01”)
  • Each figure must have a corresponding reference number within the paper text, (e.g. “fig. 1”)
  • Captions for each figure should be numbered and listed at the end of the text of the paper
  • Provide appropriate credit to the creator of the figure, if other than the author, in the caption