Specialty groups coordinate specialty programming for AIC’s Annual Meeting. Programming sometimes corresponds with overall meeting theme, sometimes concentrates on a special theme and frequently includes collaborative efforts with other specialty groups. Topics covered include collections management, treatments, updates on research, disaster recovery, research and analysis, case studies, techniques, and other issues. The program is usually a full day or more of paper presentations, panel discussions, tips sessions, workshops, as well as a business meeting and social events. Program content is then sometimes assembled into publications and resources.

The Wooden Artifacts Group (WAG) Postprints have been published regularly since 1986 and include papers developed from presentations given at AIC Annual Meetings. WAG members are granted free access to the postprints immediately after publication through the group's online Member Community.

Non-members of AIC's Wooden Artifacts Group may download new volumes through the AIC StoreE-reader versions of select volumes are also available through the AIC Store and the Member Community.


Specialty groups maintain listservs, which are valuable forums where colleagues with similar interests and experience can share and exchange ideas and practical information, facilitate open discussion, disseminate group-related news, questions, job postings, announcements, comments of interest, and general information. Listservs are closed lists. Subscription to them is benefit of membership in the specialty group. All new members of the group are automatically subscribed to the list. To unsubscribe, contact the listserv moderator. All messages are archived and are searchable.

Please contact Arlen Heginbotham to become a member of the WAG Announce listserv.


The Wooden Artifacts Group created the WAG Scholarship to financially supplement internships and educational experiences in the field of wooden artifact conservation.

Online Member Community

To stay up to date on the latest discussions, events, announcements, and more, please visit the Wooden Artifacts Group's online member community. It is an online professional networking community in which members can connect, discuss ideas, pose questions, and more. Events and online resources are listed on it as well.