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Emergency CAP

Hurricanes, floods, burst pipes, and other emergencies can devastate collections. FAIC often has funding to support Emergency CAP assessments to assist museums whose collections have been affected by a recent disaster.

The Emergency CAP is more flexible in that it does not adhere to the annual schedule of the regular CAP program. The goal is to help museums affected by a recent disaster receive post-disaster collections care recommendations from conservation and building professionals on an expedited basis.

Emergency CAPs follow the general guidelines of the Collections Assessment for Preservation program, with the following exceptions:

  • Only museums whose collections have been affected by recent disasters are eligible.
  • Museums of any size are eligible for an Emergency CAP. Small and mid-sized museums will receive a general conservation assessment. Larger museums will receive a review of preservation/conservation plans for the structure and/or those parts of their collections which have been damaged by the emergency or disaster.
  • Assessor allocations for Emergency CAPs range from $3600-$5000 per assessor based on institutional budget, need, and available funds. The funding can only be used for a conservation assessment, and the funds go directly from FAIC to the consultant. Any additional fees charged by the assessors must be covered by the institution. Most museums receive two assessors: a collections assessor and a building assessor. The assessors spend two days on site to meet with staff, tour facilities, and review disaster-related damage to the collection. They will provide initial recommendations on site, and after returning home, will write a comprehensive report to share their recommendations on preserving the collection. The focus will be on both care for damaged collections and protecting against future damage.
  • Applications for Emergency CAPs are reviewed immediately upon receipt. Applicants are typically notified of their status within two weeks of application.
  • Program schedules and deadlines are determined by each institution and its team of assessors, subject to approval by FAIC. All program activities must occur within one year of notification of program acceptance.

Museums interested in applying should contact program staff at or 202.750.3346.