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Brenda Granger, Executive Director, Oklahoma Museums Association

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The Alliance for Response is in partnership with the Oklahoma Museums Association, Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Oklahoma Archivists Association, Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board and Oklahoma History Center in cooperation with the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) with support in part from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Union Pacific Railroad Foundation, Chisholm Trail Museum, Oklahoma Historical Society and University of Central Oklahoma Chambers Library, Archives and Special Collections.

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What We Do

Bringing together cultural heritage and emergency management professionals at the local level – where virtually all initial disaster response occurs – is the purpose of the Alliance for Response. The Alliance for Response is designed to link key cultural heritage and emergency response representatives, leading to new partnerships. Alliance for Response fosters cooperation among cultural organizations, influences local planning efforts, and enhances the protection of cultural and historic resources. The Alliance for Response network was organized in Oklahoma, as our state is known as a region with a wealth of cultural resources threatened by tornados, flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Do your staff and volunteers know what to do before an emergency and/or disaster? Are you prepared to protect your collections including documents, photos, recordings, artifacts, works of art, and other valuable assets? We can help you prepare! Oklahoma cultural institutions should remember that each institution is different and there is no one-size fits all emergency plan or response. Institutions are encouraged to personalize their emergency plan using the following resources.

  • A member of the Oklahoma Museums Association (OMA) Disaster Response Network should be contacted immediately for consultation upon the event of an emergency in your Oklahoma museum. Members have been trained in disaster response and recovery of museum collections. All members are prepared to provide advice and phone support regarding minimizing damage to museum objects during and after a disaster.
  • Share resources and information during emergency response and recovery from Oklahoma Emergency Management and FEMA.
  • Provide and facilitate information, training, and educational opportunities related to emergency assessment and preparedness, mitigation, emergency response, recovery/resources and continuity of operations of your organization.

Oklahoma Alliance for Response Kick-off Forum, October 2019

The Forum was an opportunity where museums, libraries and archives could reach out and form partnerships with their local emergency response representatives. The Forum provided an opportunity for cultural heritage stewards, from directors to curators to conservators and more, to exchange important information with and get to know their community’s firefighters, police, and local, state, and federal emergency managers.

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Planning Committee

Jan Davis, Administrative Archivist, Oklahoma Department of Libraries and Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board; Brenda Granger, Executive Director, Oklahoma Museums Association; Jennifer Green, Archivist, The City of Oklahoma City; Jason Harris, Director, Chisholm Trail Museum and Gov. A.J. Seay Mansion; Stacy O’Daniel, Administrative & Program Associate, Oklahoma Museums Association; Jessica (Jess) Unger, Emergency Programs Coordinator, The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC); Nicole Willard, M.A., C.A., Assistant Executive Director, University of Central Oklahoma Chambers Library