BPG Member E-mail List is Now BPG Online Community

AIC’s Online Community has expanded and replaced the Specialty Group listservs hosted on CoOL. The new Online Community's more modern interface improves access to conversation and avoids some of the email listserv issues. The platform will also serve as a replacement for Memberfuse and allow us to host some of our membership-restricted digital content, including annual meeting minutes, embargoed postprints, and other administrative documents. We will continue to host content like best practices, tips, and videos publicly through the Wiki.

The new BPG Online Community is now live! 

  • You can access the community at community.culturalheritage.org and log in with your AIC username. 
  • When you log into the new community, we strongly suggest you check your notification settings to ensure you receive daily digest e-mails. These are listed in your Community profile, in the tab My Account / Community Notifications. Note that if you would like to switch to a weekly digest for any of your groups, the “respond via email” function will not work.
  • Please see the slideshow (linked below) for an introduction to Higher Logic and how to adjust your digest settings.
  • Staff are happy to help you customize your settings. Email them at membership@culturalheritage.org

The BPG List has been such a valuable resource for our group and we think the new Online Community platform will be even more useful. We encourage everyone to give the community a try and keep the discussions going. We will do our best to answer all questions with the help of the AIC staff shepherding this change. For more information, see the presentation below.