Education & Training Interviews

ECPN has published several interview series on AIC’s blog that provide valuable insight into different aspects of the field through personal accounts.

Beginning in 2020, the ECPN Professional Education and Training Officers (PET Officers) began to interview internship supervisors as part of a Pre-Program Internship series. This series highlights resources for prospective internship mentors as well as provides pre-programmers with a preview of what to expect before entering a graduate program.

From 2016 to present, niche specializations within the field have been highlighted as part of a Specialty Group series. This series premiered with a focus on East Asian art conservation. Since then, installments have continued with AIC's Electronic Media Group (EMG), Wooden Artifact Group (WAG), Libraries and Archives, Photographic Materials Group (PMG), and Architecture Specialty Group (ASG).

From 2017-2020, ECPN interviewed eleven graduates of international training programs based in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada. The aim of the International Education series was to introduce pre-program students to various perspectives about institutions abroad as well as to bring awareness to US conservators about overseas conservation education.

In 2015, an interview with Molly Gleeson was released to promote a clearer understanding of Membership Designations within AIC. Her interview “Becoming a Professional Associate” shared information about the process of applying for PA status and its benefits. This interview served as a follow up to an earlier post that Molly initiated, in which she shared her own reasons for applying.

In 2012, an ECPN poster was presented at AIC's 40th Annual Meeting to show how emerging conservation professionals engage in different outreach activities. The Officers received so much content for this poster that they published a related series of interview blog posts leading up to the Annual Meeting.