The Health & Safety Network prepares and maintains many helpful guides and resources to keep conservators and related professionals safe in the workplace. One of our main contributions to the conservation community is our Health & Safety Wiki. On it, you will find a wealth of information about chemical safety, working with hazardous materials, workplace safety resources, and other relevant topic concerning health and safety for conservators.

We also have personnel resources too! We often work with industrial hygienists to help us answer questions and put together resources such as articles and presentations. Our Leadership has a certified industrial hygienist member who vets content and advises the Network on health and safety issues. For more information on industrial hygiene and access to health and safety resources for multiple industries, check out the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

Got a health and safety question? You may email health and safety questions anytime to the Network leadership at Health-Safety(at)

Annual Meeting Resources

The Network and its affiliates will often present at the Annual Meeting on topics related to health and safety procedures, updates, and topics relevant to the practicing conservator. Colleagues have blogged about many Annual Meeting presentations with relevant health and safety information as well.

Respirator Fit Testing: The Network provides low-cost respirator fit testing to attendees at the AIC Annual Meeting. Respirator fit testing is now much easier, and much of the preparation can be done via an online course.
  • To sign up for a fit test, look for the Respirator Fit Test workshop in the Annual Meeting offerings
  • Using Filtering Facepiece (FFP) Respirators: Health & Safety Network document outlining use and selection of FFP respirators (commonly known as disposable face masks)

Exhibit Booth: The Health & Safety Network provides sample publications for perusal, samples of respirators, gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) by various manufacturers and answers questions about health and safety issues.We also have local industrial hygienists at our booth to help answer your health and safety questions right on the spot!

Brochures, Handouts & Charts

The Health & Safety Network publishes brief informational guides to provide quick reference on a variety of important health and safety topics, including choosing the appropriate disposable gloves for the chemicals you are using in your treatment to office-friendly ergonomic stretches for the conservator.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety can contain many elements: From ergonomics to chemical hygiene plans, the Health & Safety Network has compiled relevant information for you to use and implement in your conservation laboratory.

If you are not comfortable developing, managing, or evaluating your safety documents or don’t have a safety specialist available, the Health & Safety Network can assist you in finding an appropriate solution.

Controlling Hazardous Collections Materials

The Health & Safety Network is working to provide outreach materials for creating risk management plans for the handling of hazardous collection materials. Creating accessible resources increases awareness of collection hazards, allowing cultural professionals to take action in assessing and managing risks.

Bibliography & Web Resources

Numerous public health and safety resources exist to help private conservators and large facilities assess hazards and develop and implement health and safety protocols. These include easily accessible web-based information, such as directories of professional organizations’ safety consultants, information on pro-bono services, and links to occupational medical clinics.