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Conservation is the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations. Find a conservation professional, learn about the field, and discover resources to help preserve the objects that are important to you.

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Proper care and maintenance of your family heirlooms and works of art ensures future generations can enjoy them.

  • There are many things you can do to care for your treasures yourself.
  • Sometimes though you may need advice or treatment from a professional. 
  • Conservation professionals combine highly technical skills and specialized knowledge of science and art to care for items with cultural, historic, and personal value.

Our tool helps you find the right person for your needs. Read through our Guide to Hiring before contacting one.

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  • Members with Professional Membership
    All have undergone our peer-reviewed application process. A body of their peers recognized by the field reviewed their training, knowledge, and experience.
  • Members in Private Practice
    Most work in private practice full-time. Some work primarily institutions but take on private work as well. All are qualified to treat your item.

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