Publications such as our scholarly journal and member newsletter feature the latest developments in the field. Browse our specialized books or serials on various topics in conservation.

Online Publications

We support these often open-access online resources. Many of our online resources contain member-created content, some of which is protected as a member benefit, while others feature important works by allied professionals. Most are supported by the American Institute for Conservation unless otherwise noted.

Online Community

We host an online community utilizing a cloud-based platform called Higher Logic. It has a modern interface and provides easy access to conversations by allowing you to respond to posts via your email inbox.



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AIC Wiki

The AIC Wiki is a compendia of working knowledge on materials and techniques used to preserve and treat works of art and historic artifacts. We encourage collaborative editing and broad access to these resources, ensuring that innovative methods and materials are documented and widely disseminated to practicing conservators and conservation scientists. To add your knowledge, visit our Contribute page.

Conference Abstracts, Postprints & Posters

  • We publish papers from our annual meeting in postprints from our specialty groups. See more about our Books & Periodicals.
  • The conference also features posters that share recent and in-progress research, which you can find in Past Meetings.


  • Conservation Online (CoOL) is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives, and museum materials.
  • It hosts our Resource Hub, our place for openly available online articles, postprints, archives, and materials on a range of conservation topics.
  • It also hosted the Conservation DistList, or ConsDistList, until the new Global Conservation Forum replaced it in 2019. Archives are still searchable on the site.

JSTOR Access

  • JPASS is your personal access plan to more than 1,500 academic journals on JSTOR, a digital library of the most influential research and ideas published in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
  • Our members have reduced-price access they can use anywhere, anytime. A pass is now just $99/year with the option to purchase one month for $19.50.

Social Media

Contributing to the online conversations about cultural property, its preservation, conservation, and care means being present where and when they are taking place. That means looking at Conservation in Social Media and sharing with us and our wider audience the insights and expertise gained through your work.

Survey Reports

We share Survey Reports, which cover topics such as salaries, collection care staff concerns, and sustainability.