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The American Institute for Conservation and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation work together to promote the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Partner with us to further that mission.

Climate Resilience Resources for Cultural Heritage

Climate Resilience Resources for Cultural Heritage (CRR) is a free online toolkit that gives individuals and organizations who care for cultural heritage the power to plan for climate change impacts and minimize damage from climate-related events.


CRR allows cultural heritage sites to increase their awareness of climate risk and events, develop the knowledge and skills needed to take steps to climate resilience including creation of a climate resilience plan, and provide the tools needed (in English and Spanish) for establishing collective learning groups and guide community action. The resources are tailored for cultural heritage stewards and communities, sites, and organizations of all sizes and locations in the US and its territories. 

The resources consist of:

  • Climate Risk Map: A web-based, interactive map showing current and future climate risks and impacts to cultural heritage. 

  • Learning Modules: Tools, resources, and activities to help people improve resiliency. The content developed by the Learning Modules can be input into a climate resilience plan template. Learning Modules 1-4 are currently available, with four additional Modules and Spanish translations of all eight coming in March 2024.

  • Learning Groups: Two regional learning groups (in Puerto Rico and New Mexico) were piloted in 2023 to explore using the resources and creating community-driven support networks. Guidance for others interested in creating Learning Groups will also be shared. 

FAIC partnered with Environment and Culture Partners to develop Climate Resilience Resources for Cultural Heritage. It was made possible in part by the National Endowment for Humanities as the first action item resulting from Held in Trust