Annual Meeting

We coordinate electronic media conservation-related programming for AIC’s Annual Meeting. Topics covered at the annual meeting may include collaborations with living artists and estates, new advances in digital preservation, how to get started with a time-based media conservation program at an institution, case studies of individual works or collections, and original research. Talks may address a range of subjects such as maintenance and repair of historic technologies or legacy equipment associated with an artwork; new methods of digitization, migration, emulation, or duplication of audiovisual components; in-depth technical analysis; and innovative documentation strategies.

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We publish talks presented at the Electronic Media session of the Annual Meeting in the Electronic Media Review, a biennial publication which is available online. Print copies of the review are available.

Past Sessions

TechFocus Workshop Series

The TechFocus workshop series is organized by the American Institute for Conservation’s Electronic Media Group to provide detailed technical education in the preservation of media art. Launched on the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking TechArchaeology symposium that was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2000, TechFocus offers in-depth instruction in a broad range of media. Each workshop, hosted by a different institution, is dedicated to one specific media-art technology. A systematic lecture program, delivered by international experts, introduces workshop participants to the technology behind these artworks, and offers real-world guidelines for their preservation.