Smithsonian American Art Museum Objects Conservator Helen Ingalls performing Oddy testing. Photo courtesy SAAM.



We prepare topic-based publications that are typically though not always a collection of concepts presented at the AIC's Annual Meeting turned into long-form articles. While not peer-reviewed, these postprints present a wealth of information about current topics in objects conservation as well as insight into objects conservation treatments. They also produce publications and resources that range from catalogs of conservation treatments and techniques, to conservation wikis, and to various special topic publications and resources.

We grant our members free access to the postprints immediately after publication through our group's online Member Community. We've made past issues available online by article or by whole volume through the AIC Store.

Online Community

Our online community provides valuable forum where colleagues can share and exchange ideas and practical information, facilitate open discussion, disseminate group-related news, questions, job postings, announcements, comments of interest, and general information. It is member-restricted, and new members receive access automatically.