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The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) envisions a world in which everyone appreciates and supports the preservation of cultural heritage. Dedicated people like you make this possible.

We welcome conservators, collection managers, registrars, curators, scientists, librarians, archivists, art handlers, mount makers, museum volunteers, collectors or anyone just interested in the field to join the conversation.

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Member Types

Prices below do not include a $30 postage fee for members based abroad.


  • Associates ($159/year)
    Anyone working in or simply interested in conservation
  • Post Graduates ($103/one year)
    Graduate students who have graduated within the past year and are entering the profession full-time.
  • Students ($78/year)
    Full-time undergraduate or graduate students or those who are unemployed or under-unemployed and just thinking about entering the field.
  • Retired Member ($84/year)
    Existing members who no longer work in the field full-time

Unique Benefits

Please contact us at if you need to purchase membership for a group of people.


  • Institutions ($280/year)
    Museums, libraries, archives, universities, corporations, and other large entities
  • Benefits passed to one and only one individual at at time but transferable throughout the year.
  • NOTE: All-campus IP-based journal access is available only through our publisher Taylor & Francis.

Groups and Networks

  • Focus on particular area of expertise or professional interest within the organization.
  • Have their own dedicated online community, publish bi-monthly columns in our newsletter, conduct sessions at our annual meeting, and publish periodically.
  • Can be added while joining or later by going to the Manage Membership page of your profile.
  • Architecture $25; free (students)
  • Book & Paper $35; free (students)
  • Collection Care free
  • Contemporary Art $15
  • Electronic Media $25; free (students)
  • Emerging Conservation Professionals free
  • Objects $25; free (students)
  • Paintings $25; free (student)
  • Photographic Materials $30; free (student)
  • Private Practice $25; free (student)
  • Research & Technical Studies: $20; free (student)
  • Textiles $30; free (student)
  • Wooden Artifacts $30; free (student)

Membership Term

  • January 1st of one year to December 31st of the same year
  • After September 1st of a particular year new members automatically have their expiration date set for December 31st of the following year, giving them up to four months of membership for free!

Non-Discrimination Policy

Any individual who has an interest in supporting the field of conservation, regardless of where they are from or located, can be a member. We have members from all over the world, Seattle to Singapore. Membership is also open to anyone without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, ethnic or national origin.

Not a professional?

You can still take part in our mission. See how conservation impacts your life and help conservation professionals protect our shared cultural heritage by joining Friends of Conservation!

Gift Membership

Give the gift of membership to an existing member or someone just getting into the field! Contact us to set up.


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