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Education & Training Committee

The purpose of the Education and Training Committee (ETC) is to promote continuing education and professional development of AIC’s members. The ETC supports opportunities to engage AIC membership with allied professionals and diverse public audiences. This work is done in consultation with the AIC Board Director of Professional Education and the FAIC Education Manager as well as all Specialty Groups and Networks.

The Education and Training Committee:

  • Evaluates professional development proposals, reviews individual grant and scholarship applications, and comments on education-related resources produced by AIC. This work is guided by established rubrics and F/AIC priorities.
  • Provides advice and direction for strategic planning related to long- and short-term educational goals. Priorities are established yearly to reflect identified membership needs, organizational requirements, and individual committee member interests.
  • Encourages professional development by strengthening current programs, increasing opportunities for related grants and scholarships, and expanding relevant online and print resources such as how to Become a Conservator.
  • Assists in the development and evaluation of continuing education programs, specifically targeting opportunities to strengthen career-wide leadership skills and specialty training.
  • Collaborates with all Specialty Groups and Networks to encourage individual professional development, promote equity and inclusion, as well as support participation by emerging conservators in national and international communities. Ongoing collaborations are established with the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network and the Equity & Inclusion Committee.
AIC members have the opportunity to be part of the committee by volunteering to be an ETC member during the application process. For questions or comments, please reach out to