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Speaker Information

Helpful Hints

  • Talk Length and Q&A: Check in with your Program Chair regarding the exact length of your talk. In some cases, you will be asked to leave time at the end for Q&A. You will likely be asked to schedule 5-10 minutes for questions; some session may save Q&A for the end.
  • Handouts: We can share handouts or links as part of your session. Please send handouts along with your PowerPoint slides to your staff organizer.

  • PowerPoint slides and media clips: Online sessions will be able to play these. You must send your slides and media to the staff session organizer three days in advance, so they can upload them in time. Please attend the planned practice session, so you are familiar with the presentation platform.

  • PowerPoint Template: If you prefer to use an AIC-themed template, we have created a standard PowerPoint slide template at the correct aspect ratio of 16:9.

  • Pre-Recording: If you plan to pre-record your session, the pre-recorded video will appear smaller than slides in the presentation window. See the Pre-Recording Content Guide below for examples. If you have trouble with the links to the instructions for recording your presentation, they are list below.

Presentation Guides

Download these guides to prepare for your presentation in live or pre-recorded sessions.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Neela Wickremesinghe 2020 Poster - More than Sticks and StonesPDF5.52 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Crystal Sanchez 2020 Poster - SI TBMA WebsitePDF3.10 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Dylan Lorenz 2020 Poster - Using QEMU In Software-based-Art ConservationPDF2.58 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Laurie King 2020 Poster - Conservation of Waterlogged RubberPDF1.38 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Jessamy Gloor 2020 Poster - Bradley & Rulofson, Photo-Illustrated Sheet MusicPDF1.24 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Accessibility Guidelines for PresentersPDF90.74 KB17 Jun, 2020 Download
Land Acknowledgment GuidelinesPDF149.38 KB17 Jun, 2020 Download
Speaker GuidePDF682.33 KB21 May, 2020 Download
Pre-Recording Content GuidePDF238.91 KB21 May, 2020 Download
AIC Presentation TemplatePPTX2.02 MB12 Mar, 2019 Download