Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you define “emerging?”

"Emerging" is a subjective term, and thus "emerging professional" is a self-identified category. “Emerging conservation professionals” typically refers to AIC members in the early stages of their career or those just entering the field of conservation. This may include undergraduate students, pre-program individuals, graduate students, recent graduates, and early-career professionals. We welcome any AIC members who still consider themselves "emerging professionals," regardless of position, title, level of education, or tenure in the field.  

Q: How can I find opportunities in conservation?

Check out our wiki pages on Career Growth and Internships and Fellowships

Q: Where can I advertise an internship, fellowship, or job opportunity to emerging conservation professionals?

We recommend a few platforms for advertising positions targeted at emerging professionals.

Q: How do I get ECPN informational materials?

Please help us spread the word about our programming and resources by distributing our informational materials at your next event, conference, workshop, or on public bulletin boards. Download and distribute our flyer, which includes an overview of what we do, who we are, and quick links to our resources. For printed materials, such as rack cards and business cards, please contact our Communications Officers at