We encourage the publication of books, periodical resources, articles and other useful tools like sample sets. Our Publications Committee coordinates these efforts.


Coatings on Photographs: Materials, Techniques, and Conservation, edited by Constance McCabe, 2005. NEW! Read the book online by chapter. Visit the above link to find all the pdfs.

Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation, edited by Constance McCabe, 2017.


We publish our postprints, Topics in Photographic Preservation, biennially. It is a compilation of papers presented at photographic materials sessions at AIC annual meetings, our biennial winter meetings, and sometimes other submissions related to photographic materials. While scientists, conservators, and historians in the field contribute published research and treatments, we do not subject any of the included papers to a peer review process.

Submission Deadline: September 31 on odd years

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Our wiki is an interactive and collaborative resource for conservators and conservation students to learn and share about topics in photograph conservation. It is a dynamic endeavor that aims to foster communication and connectivity through an active exchange of information on developing research and the current trends and needs of the field. For information on the development of the wiki and the Photographic Materials Conservation Catalogs, visit History of the PMG Wiki.

Photographic Print Sample Sets

Photographic Print Sample Sets are useful as research tools or for educational purposes. Four different sets of prints have been produced.

Set 1 Historic (created 2007, reprinted 2009)

These prints provide the opportunity to examine the general features and compare detailed characteristics of different processes. Each sample set includes five prints printed with the same 5 x 7 inch negative. Processes included are:

  1. Cyanotype
  2. Albumen Print
  3. Salted Paper Print
  4. Glossy Gelatin - Silver Printed-out Print
  5. Matte Gelatin - Silver Developed-out Print

Set 2 Digital (created 2006)

The Digital Sample Set consists of 25 digital and traditional print samples all made from digital files.

Set 3 Gelatin (created 2014)

This sample set consists of 8 sets of Silver Gelatin Developed-out Prints on vintage photographic papers. Each set includes 4 samples of the same paper type with these variations:

  • Sample 1: printed and processed
  • Sample 2: printed, processed and toned with selenium (Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner)
  • Sample 3: printed, processed and toned with a sulfur toner (Kodak Sepia Toner)
  • Sample 4:  fixed only (white)

Set 4 Analog (created 2018)

The set includes samples of 17 analog photographic processes: color prints, black and white prints, and the most popular negative and transparency films.

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