Liaison Program News

ECPN oversees four robust liaison programs that work to strengthen the greater ECP community and foster connections with the larger conservation professional network. Learn more about the Liaison Program and How to Get Involved.

We strive to highlight our dedicated liaisons' hard work. Check out the featured liaison news below to learn more about recent activities.


Liaison News Update, July 2019

With the start of the new 2019-2020 term, ECPN Outreach Officers are preparing a liaison vacant posting that will include opportunities for ECPs to step into a liaison leadership role in several regions across the country, as well as with various specialty groups and committees & networks within AIC. We are pleased to welcome incoming ECPN liaisons: Sarah Casto for the Photographic Materials Group (PMG), Melissa King for Connecting to Collections Care (C2CC), Hayley Monroe for Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP), Tatiana Shannon for the Objects Specialty Group (OSG) and Céline Wachsmuth for the Education and Training Committee (ETC). We also welcome the following incoming Regional Liaisons: Mari Hagemeyer for Baltimore, MD, Emily Mercer for Williamsburg, VA, as well as Brianna Warren as the new Houston, TX Regional co-Liaison. Incoming Graduate Program Liaisons will be accounted in early Fall, 2019.

-Marci Jefcoat Burton and Michaela Paulson, ECPN Outreach Officers,

Liaison News Update, September 2018

At the beginning of the term, ECPN Outreach Officers Caitlin Richeson and Marci Jefcoat Burton checked in with the different liaison programs. This was an opportunity for incoming liaisons to hear about the activities returning liaisons held in the previous term. Regional liaisons for San Francisco, Felice Robles and Justine Wuebold, organized conservation lab tours of the Walt Disney Family Museum and Stanford Library. Specialty Group Liaison, Elizabeth Boyne, worked closely with the Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) leadership to understand the need and development of a mentorship program for emerging professionals in private practice. Our Graduate Liaison program has expanded to include Marissa Stevens as the liaison for the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Charlotte Eagle from the Pratt Institute. We also welcome new Regional Liaisons Brooke Young Russell (New York), Kate Aguirre (co-RL for Philadelphia, PA), Katya Zinsli (Arizona) and Tessa Young (Williamsburg, VA).

- Caitlin Richeson and Marci Jefcoat Burton, ECPN Outreach Officers,

Specialty Group Liaison Highlights 

Each month, ECPN will be featuring one of our Specialty Group Liaisons on social media. Please see below for our most recent post:


Thank you to all of our Liaisons for their service!