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ECPN oversees four robust liaison programs that work to strengthen the greater ECP community and foster connections with the larger conservation professional network. Learn more about the Liaison Program and How to Get Involved.

We strive to highlight our dedicated liaisons' hard work. Check out the featured liaison news below to learn more about recent activities.


Liaison News Update, August 2021

We are very excited for the 2021-2022 term and working with all of our new and returning Liaisons! 
There are now a total of 31 Regional Liaisons across 22 regions of the US and Puerto Rico! For the 2021-2022 term we are excited to welcome: Sophie Church (Tucson, AZ), Emma Ross and Sydney Collins (San Francisco, CA), Anna Connolly (Atlanta, GA), Kate Breitenstein and Tatianna Shannon (Boston, MA), Gabrielle Rucker (St Louis, MO), Sarah Fields (Hanover, NH), Alayna Bone (NYC), Marissa Bartz and Elena Mars (Cleveland, OH), AnnaLivia McCarthy (Philadelphia, PA), Sarah Linder (Columbia, SC), Monica Argumedo Rendon (Houston, TX), Emma Cieslik (Washington DC), and Perrine Le Saux (Williamsburg, VA). This term we have also opened a new chapter in Orlando, Florida with Pilar Brooks! 
Please also welcome our new Graduate Program Liaisons: Emily Mercer (Buffalo), Meghan Vonden Steinen (Columbia), Sophia Daniel (FIT), Emma Hartman (NYU), Laura Jacobs (Queens), Tamara Dissi (UCLA), Ali Cavicchio (UPenn), and Verónica Mercado Oliveras (WUDPAC). These liaisons are a great resource for learning more about a student's perspective on conservation training programs in the US and Canada. 
We are super excited about all the events and ideas this group of amazing emerging conservation professionals has planned for this term. Don't miss out! Connect with conservation peers in your area by reaching out to your Regional Liaisons and get added to their email list (emails found here)! 
-Ashley Stanford and Kaela Nurmi, ECPN Outreach Officers,

Archive Liaison News

See the list below for past programs and news from ECPN's Regional, Graduate, Specialty Group, and Committee and Network Liaisons!

Graduate Program Liaison Highlights 

Throughout the 2020-21 term, ECPN Outreach Officers interviewed the ECPN Graduate Liaisons to learn more about this fabulous group of students and their perspective programs. 

Please click on the highlights below to read each Liaison's personal insight into their graduate program, application advice, tips, and other valuable resources and insights into graduate school! You can also always reach out to the Outreach Officers or the Liaisons themselves for any more information. 

Spotlight on NYU Liaison

This latest ECPN Outreach series highlights the Graduate Liaisons in the ECPN Liaison Program, who facilitate the flow of information about their particular graduate programs from their perspectives to you, their fellow emerging conservators. Whether you’re pre-program or a graduate of a different program or specialty, they are here to help!

Click on the pdf below for a Q&A session with ECPN NYU Graduate Liaison, Emma Hartman, current second-year student at The Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University specializing in paper and photograph conservation. Read more about Emma's personal insight into NYU, graduate school, application tips, and other valuable resources!


Check out past interviews with the Grad Liaisons below! 

Interview with Laura García-Vedrenne and Clair Emma Smith, ECPN San Francisco Regional Liaisons

This latest interview presented by ECPN Outreach Officers is with Laura García-Vedrenne and Clair Emma Smith, ECPN San Francisco Regional Liaisons. We interviewed these two emerging conservators to find out more about the San Francisco Mentorship Program that began almost a year ago. The Mentorship Program, which they helped form in response to COVID-19 lockdowns, was created to help match pre-program students struggling to find opportunities with virtual mentorships in the Bay Area. 

Click the pdf below to learn more about this program and the two hardworking emerging conservators behind it. You can also learn more about the ECPN Liaison Program and find Regional Liaisons in your area to connect with here

Specialty Group Liaison Highlights 

Each month during the 2018-20 terms, ECPN Outreach Officers will be featuring one of our fabulous Specialty Group Liaisons on social media. Please see below for the interview series and reach out to the Outreach Officers or the Liaisons themselves for any more information. Thank you to all of our Liaisons for their service!