Tips Sheets

Looking for a quick introduction to what conservation is or how to become a conservator?
Download our sheet below for links to professional organizations and helpful resources for those just learning about the field.

Heading to a professional conference or workshop?
Download our tips sheet for AIC Annual Meeting attendees but which also contains a lot of useful advice for attending meetings in general.

Presenting at the conference or workshop?

The Presenting Talks and Posters page in our section of the AIC Wiki contains a summary of our “Presenting Talks and Posters" webinar. It includes this useful checklist prepared by Ariel O’Connor.

Requesting a letter of recommendation, or writing a letter of recommendation?
Please see the tip sheets below from AIC's Education and Training Committee.

Negotiating salary or benefits?
Read the blog post "Empowering Change through Salary Advocacy and Negotiation," which was written by Anisha Gupta, Ariel O'Connor and Jen Munch and offers a breakdown of how to advocate for yourself after a successful interview. It includes information about types of compensation, how and when to negotiate (and who to practice on!), and options you have if you don't get the response you want.