Welcome to the Health & Safety Network! We are an active group of conservators and health & safety industry professionals who work to contribute information concerning the health and safety of conservators and other cultural professionals. To us, the health and safety of our colleagues is just as important as the health and safety of the collections in our care.

The Leadership of the Network actively seeks collaborators to help in our mission: To increase the knowledge of safety hazards, control measures, and general health issues related to the conservation profession. We do this through a variety of media, including articles and safety guides to the AIC News and our Health & Safety Wiki. Providing AIC members and other cultural professionals with educational and technical information in a timely manner is of primary importance; we strive to keep current with health and safety trends in conservation and conservation-related fields.

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We are always looking for people to help spread the word about health and safety. Please get in touch with any member of our Leadership or drop us a note at health-safety(at)culturalheritage.org.

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