Update from the Chair

AIC News Network Column, November 2020

Pandemic Challenges and Liaison Events
COVID-19 has affected emerging conservators in numerous ways; the pandemic has created challenges in securing fellowships and internships and a loss of connectivity to our community. Despite these challenges, emerging conservators are finding new and innovative ways to connect, network, and gain education. ECPN has been happy to support our liaisons as they navigate the pandemic, creating a virtual community not bound by geographic location. We would like to highlight some of the virtual events organized by our liaisons:

› Meet-and-Greet Southeast Michigan Kyle Clark and Allison Slenker, Ann Arbor Michigan Regional Liaisons
› Virtual Lab Tour at the Textile Museum at the George Washington University Museum, jointly sponsored by the Textile Museum at GWU Museum. Kris Cnossen, TSG Liaison
› Upstate New York Meet-and-Greet Olivia Schoenfeld, Upstate New York Regional Liaison
› Virtual Conservation Lab Tour with Stephanie Gowler (Paper Conservator) and Katherine Lechuga (Book Conservator) at the Indiana Historical Society. Emma Cieslik, Indiana Liaison
› “Meet a Conservator” with Stephanie Gowler (Paper Conservator) and Katherine Lechuga (Book Conservator) at the Indiana Historical Society. Emma Cieslik, Indiana Liaison
› Virtual presentation by Hayley Monroe on the topic of toxic collections. Jenny McGough and Elizabeth Salmon, Southern California Liaisons
› Seattle Virtual Happy Hour Kathryn Peneyra, Seattle Washington Liaison
› Williamsburg Social Event Nhat Quyen Nguyen and Caroline Shaver, Williamsburg Virginia Liaisons

Join the ECPN Facebook Group to look out for future virtual events planned by our liaisons.

Open Liaison Positions
While ECPN has filled many of our Regional Liaison positions for the 2020-21 term, there are still a few vacancies. Please visit our ECPN Regional Liaisons webpage for an updated listing of liaison(s) serving your area.

If you see a vacancy in your area or see that your geographic region is not served by an ECPN Liaison, please contact ECPN’s Outreach Officers at ecpn.aic.outreach@gmail.com for more information about applying.

Professional Education and Training Resources
The Professional Education and Training (PET) officers spent time over the last months working to create valuable resources for ECPs at all levels:
› Continued work on the Specialty Group Interview Series has led to the release of four interviews with members of the Architectural Specialty Group throughout the summer: Dona Yu, Lucy Midelfort, Caroline Dickensheets, and Gilda Gross. An additional ASG interview will be released in the coming months.
› A new initiative is under development to discuss COVID-19 response and recovery. The first blog post from this series addresses changes to ANAGPIC admissions requirements and curricula due to the pandemic.
› Finally, PET has started a new interview series which aims to highlight preprogram experiences and opportunities through dialogues with internship supervisors from a wide range of specialties. The supervisors are selected for interviews based on their track record as excellent pre-program mentors. The first interview was with Anne Downey, Head of Conservation at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Podcast Series
AIC-ECPN’s podcast series, Conservators Combating Climate Change, released their final episode of its first season in August 2020. In this season, co-hosts and producers Emma Hartman and Natalya Swanson, ECPN Digital Platform Officers, spoke with guest speakers Henry McGhie, Maddie Cooper, Francis Lukezic, and Kate Fugett about their work to promote ecological and social sustainability within collection care and higher education. Over seven episodes, topics ranging from forming coalitions to embracing intersectionality were discussed with the ultimate goal of empowering listeners. All episodes can be heard on major podcasting platforms (e.g. Spotify, Apply Podcasts) or at https://anchor.fm/conservatorscombatingcc. —

-Caitlin Richeson, ECPN Chair, ecpn.chair@culturalheritage.org

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