Update from the Chair

AIC News Network Column, October 2021

ECPN Events

On September 1st we had a great informal discussion about the first presentation in the 2021 AIC Annual Meeting Opening General Session, “Who is a Conservator? What is Conservation? Evolving Our Identities and Practice to Thrive in an Inclusive World” by Joelle Wickens and Natalya Swanson. We will be getting a summary to those who missed it out soon! Thank you to all involved for making this event a success with special thanks to Natalya Swanson, Joelle Wickens, and all of our attendees for their energy and enthusiasm.

The next ECPN event in the works will be a listening session with the Membership Designation Working Group (MDWG) regarding the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) proposal. More details to come! 

Welcome to our new Liaisons

Outreach has completed onboarding for all new Graduate Program Liaisons. Please welcome our new Liaisons: Emily Mercer (Buffalo), Meghan Vonden Steinen (Columbia), Sophia Daniel (FIT), Emma Hartman (NYU), Laura Jacobs (Queens), Tamara Dissi (UCLA/Getty), Ali Cavicchio (UPenn), and Verónica Mercado Oliveras (WUDPAC). 

Regional Liaisons are continuing to find ways to connect in-person and virtually. Many Regional Liaisons have hosted Happy Hours welcoming in the new term for their respective networks including Anna Connolly (Atlanta), Tatiana Shannon and Kate Breitenstein (Boston),  Monica Argumedo Rendon (Houston), Emily Farek (Nashville), Devon Lee and Alayna Bone (NYC), and Gabrielle Rucker (St. Louis) Many Liaisons are continuing to plan upcoming events, so stay tuned!

Call for Photos

Our Communication Officers are looking for images of ECPs doing the work they love. Images will be used on the Facebook page and ECPN website, with permission. Send photographs with captions and any credit information to ecpn.aic.communications@gmail.com 

By submitting, you confirm that you have the rights to the attached image(s) and grant AIC the right to use these image(s) in any promotional material at ECPN’s discretion. ECPN may crop or alter an image to meet sizing and design requirements.


Questions about ECPN? Want to get involved? Feel free to reach out to ecpn.aic.communications@gmail.com 

 — Jessica Betz Abel, Chair, ecpn.chair@culturalheritage.org & Héctor J. Berdecía-Hernández, Co-Communications Officer, ecpn.aic.communications@gmail.com 


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