Update from the Chair

AIC News Network Column, September 2019

ECPN Subsite Updates 

In August 2018, ECPN unveiled its new pages on the AIC website. ECPN is excited to announce that it has finished updating all the content on the subsite to reflect current initiatives, programs, and resources. These updates were particularly important given the rollout of the new website and brand this past spring.

ECPN Facebook Group

The ECPN Facebook group continues to be an invaluable platform for emerging conservators around the world. With new member requests daily, the group has grown to over 5,700 members. The Facebook group has sparked thought-provoking discussions, particularly about topics regarding unpaid internships and academic coursework required for entry into graduate programs.

YouTube Playlist for Emerging Professionals

Check out the new ECPN playlist. ECPN has asked its officers for their favorite conservation-related videos. The playlist shares some favored video content that could be of interest to emerging conservation professionals. If anyone has a favorite conservation video that you would like to see included, email ecpn@culturalheritage.org. We will periodically add content to our playlist.

New Content on the Emerging Conservation Professionals Community

ECPN is happy to announce new content on the Emerging Conservation Professionals Community. Check out the recent posts on Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) Specialty Group Liaison Feature with Hayley Monroe, ECPN International Training Interview with Netanya Schiff, and ECPN International Training Interview with Heather Parks.

ECPN-HBCU Mentorship Program

For the past two years, ECPN has partnered with select Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) students who have an interest in conservation, to create the ECPN-HBCU Mentorship Program. This program is being repeated for a third year, with ECPN overseeing the restructuring of the program based on participant feedback.

Liaison Program Updates

Applications closed for vacant liaison positions in the middle of July and the ECPN outreach team have been working to onboard new and returning liaisons. ECPN would like to thank all outgoing and returning liaisons and give a special shout out to new liaisons (see below). Thanks everyone for making ECPN such a dynamic network. A full list of all liaisons and their contact information can be found on the Liaison Program page of the ECPN subsite.

Committee and Network Liaisons
Education & Training Committee (ETC) - Céline Wachsmuth
Emergency Committee (EC) - Madeline Cooper

Graduate Liaisons
Buffalo - Colleen Watkins
NYU - Natasha Kung
Queens - Corrine Long
UPenn - Hector J. Berdecía-Hernández
WUDPAC - Emily Brezinski

Regional Liaisons
California (Los Angeles) - Elizabeth Salmon (co-liaison)
California (San Francisco) - Laura García Vedrenne
Massachusetts (Boston) - Kaeley Ferguson
Missouri (Kansas City) - Sarah Freshnock
New York (New York City) - Jacqueline Chmura (co-liaison)
Ohio (Cleveland) - Amaris Sturm (co-liaison)
South Carolina (Columbia) -Travis Zuidema (co-liaison)
Texas (Houston) - Brianna Warren (co-liaison)
Virgina (Williamsburg) - Emily Mercer

Specialty Group Liaisons
Book & Paper Group (BPG) - Alexa Machnik
Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) - Hayley Monroe
Electronic Media Group (EMG) - Taylor Healy
Objects Specialty Group (OSG) - Tatiana Shannon
Photographic Materials Group (PMG) - Sarah Casto

— Eve Mayberger, Chair, ecpn.chair@culturalheritage.org 


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