Pre-Program Internship Interviews

ECPN works to serve emerging conservation professionals at all levels, from pre-program to early career. This blog series aims to highlight pre-program experiences and opportunities through interviews with internship supervisors from a range of specialties. These individuals have been selected for interviews due to their track record as excellent pre-program mentors. This series highlights successful approaches to pre-program internships and mentoring while also providing insight on how pre-program individuals can best prepare to enter the conservation profession.

Complementary resources include AIC’s Education and Training Committee (ETC) Guidelines for Pre-Program Internships and ECPN Compensation Resources. ETC guidelines are intended to aid internship supervisors and interns in defining goals, parameters, and expectations for pre-program internships. ECPN compensation data was compiled after reviewing public postings of pre-program, graduate, and post-graduate positions.

  • Library interview at the American Philosophical Society with Anne Downey
Keara Teeter and Anne Downey  examining hand-colored prints (courtesey of the American Philosophical Society)