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We established our webinar program in 2012 with the aim of providing video resources on topics of interest to emerging conservation professionals.  In recent years, we have grown our content to include additional types of digital programming, most recently in the form of a podcast.


While we strive to tackle subjects that speak to the personal growth and career development of emerging professionals at any stage, the subject matter of select webinars may pertain more specifically to pre-program candidates or graduate students or post-graduate professionals.

Generally each year we hold two webinars, which we advertise via e-blasts, Facebook posts, and announcements on AIC’s blog and which AIC members can attend for free. You can check out our past webinars on AIC's YouTube Channel.

If you’d like to suggest a webinar topic, please contact our Digital Platforms Officers.

Podcast: Conservators Combating Climate Change

We launched a new podcast series in the spring of 2020 to foster dialogue about conservation professionals’ role in addressing climate change.

In season one, emerging conservation professionals Emma Hartman and Natalya Swanson talked with guest speakers over seven episodes. They discussed how they are enacting change - from forming coalitions to changing daily lab practices to tailoring graduate training to disaster planning and response - in order to engage and empower a broad audience of collection care professionals and to inspire bottom-up change in labs and cultural institutions. Guest speakers have diverse backgrounds and include current students, climate activists, and mid-career professionals. The result is a podcast series relevant for conservation professionals at any stage of their career who are interested in learning ways to combat the climate crisis.

We are currently producing season two of the podcast and will release it in the spring of 2021. We advertise newly released podcast episodes via e-blasts, Facebook posts, and announcements on AIC’s blog. You can find season one and the forthcoming season two at Anchor, on other podcasting platforms, and on AIC's YouTube Channel.

 If you’d like to suggest a podcast guest or topic, please contact our Digital Platforms Officers

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