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ECPN’s webinar program was established in 2012 with the aim of providing video resources on topics of interest to emerging conservation professionals.  In recent years, content has grown to include additional types of digital programming, most recently in the form of a podcast.


While ECPN strives to tackle subjects that speak to the personal growth and career development of emerging professionals at any stage, the subject matter of select webinars may pertain more specifically to pre-program candidates or graduate students or post-graduate professionals.

ECPN generally holds two webinars each year through the GoToWebinar platform, a program that enables audience members to engage with the presenters and ask questions in real time. AIC members can attend the webinars for free, and all webinars are recorded and uploaded in full to the AIC YouTube Channel after the broadcast.

Upcoming webinars are advertised via e-Blasts, Facebook posts, and announcements on AIC’s blog.  

If you’d like to suggest a webinar topic, please contact the Digital Platforms Co-Officers.


Podcast: Conservators Combating Climate Change

A new podcast series sponsored by AIC and ECPN launched in spring 2020 to foster dialogue about conservation professionals’ role in addressing climate change. In season one, emerging conservation professionals Emma Hartman and Natalya Swanson talked with guest speakers over seven episodes. They discussed how they are enacting change - from forming coalitions to changing daily lab practices to tailoring graduate training to disaster planning and response - in order to engage and empower a broad audience of collection care professionals and to inspire bottom-up change in labs and cultural institutions. Guest speakers have diverse backgrounds and include current students, climate activists, and mid-career professionals. The result is a podcast series relevant for conservation professionals at any stage of their career who are interested in learning ways to combat the climate crisis.

Currently the production of the podcast's season two is underway, and it will be released in spring 2021. Season one and forthcoming season two episodes are available at Anchor and other podcasting platforms.  Additionally, all podcast episodes are uploaded in full to the AIC YouTube Channel after their release.

Newly released podcast episodes are advertised via e-Blasts, Facebook posts, and announcements on AIC’s blog.  

If you’d like to suggest a podcast guest or topic, please contact the Digital Platforms Co-Officers.



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Past ECPN Webinars

Gender & Leadership in Museums Today: Gender Equity in the Conservation Field

Featuring Ann Ackerson and Joan Baldwin

November 27, 2018

Did you know that women currently comprise over 75% of the workforce in art conservation? Yet, women in our field statistically do not command the same pay rate as men with comparable education and experience. How does being a “pink collar field” affect gender equity, and what can emerging conservation professionals do to promote and support the fair allocation of resources and decision-making power to both men and women? Find out in this webinar! It is never too early to begin advocating for gender equity in the workplace. ECPN and E&IC have invited two speakers to provide their perspectives on this topic. Joan Baldwin and Anne Ackerson, the authors of the book "Women in the Museum: Lessons from the Workplace," will discuss issues of gender equity and leadership as they pertain to the conservation field and to the museum sector at large.

Project Management: A Crucial 'Soft Skill' for the 21st Century Emerging Conservation Professional

Featuring Quinn Ferris and Nicolette Meister

November 27, 2018

Project Management is a desirable and necessary skill for a conservator in the twenty-first century. Managing and collaborating with others on complex projects is important to conservation professionals at all career stages, and it is never too early to start cultivating this lifelong skill. Project management can be implemented in multiple contexts, including small and large treatments and assessments, during exhibit preparations, as a part of disaster response, and more. Related skills that this webinar touches on include teamwork, diplomacy, communication and managing competing priorities. The American Institute for Conservation's Emerging Conservation Professionals Network invited two speakers to provide different perspectives on this topic. Quinn Ferris provides an overview of project management and its application in conservation, and discusses her approach to project management within a university library setting. Nicolette Meister presents her own experiences with project management within a university museum, with a particular focus on grant-funded project management.

Follow-up Blog Post: Q&A and Additional Resources

Lights! Camera! (Preventive) Action! Careers in Preventive Conservation

Featuring Dr. Joelle Wickens, Jessica Pace and Jamie Gleason

April 26, 2018

Preventive conservation is an integral part of many cultural heritage jobs, encompassing any actions meant to minimize the deterioration of collections. But what does this look like in practice, exactly? And how is this role addressed in conservation training? Find out in this webinar, which will feature an introduction to the concept of preventive conservation and highlight potential career paths into this vital specialization.

Follow-up Blog Post: Q&A and Additional Resources

Showcasing Your Work: Preparing and Maintaining a Conservation Portfolio

Featuring Susan Heald and Gwen Manthey

November 14, 2017

A well-conceived and eye-catching portfolio can be crucial for emerging conservation professionals to progress in the field. But when is a digital portfolio appropriate versus a hard-copy portfolio? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How should your portfolio evolve as you progress in your career? This Webinar covers the creation and use of digital and hard-copy portfolios in various scenarios and early-career stages, from pre-program candidate to graduate student and post-graduate.

Follow up blogpost: Q&A and Other Resources


Picking Up the Pieces: Accepting, Preventing, and Learning from Mistakes as an Emerging Conservation Professional

Featuring Michele Marincola, Tony Sigel, Ayesha Fuentes, and Geneva Griswold

April 7, 2017

Pressure to avoid mistakes, particularly during treatment, can hamper discussion within the field of conservation regarding how to actively prevent and recover from setbacks. Although it is unfortunate when they occur, acknowledging that mistakes are fundamental to learning can be especially crucial to the development of early-career professionals. This webinar provides a greater understanding of the most common causes of errors, tips for minimizing the probability of mistakes, and strategies for dealing with setbacks.

Follow up blogpost 1: Survey Results

Follow up blogpost 2: Q&A and further resources

Emerging Leaders in Conservation: Developing Leadership Skills as an Early-Career Professional

Featuring Sarah Staniforth, Michelle Facini, and Molly Gleeson

October 27, 2016

The presenters introduce theoretical information pertaining to leadership styles, discuss why it can be important to cultivate leadership skills, and consider what it means to be a leader at any stage of your profession. The speakers also drew from their experiences to discuss specific instances in their careers that have required leadership skills. Finally, we discussed strategies for early-career professionals to cultivate leadership skills and point to additional resources for individuals who would like to learn more.

Follow up blogpost: Q&A and further resources

Pathways into Conservation Science

Featuring Dr. Tom Learner, Dr. Gregory Smith, and Dr. Robyn Hodgkins

April 22, 2016

The presenters shared their own diverse training experiences, touching on the history of education in conservation science and the current pathways into the field. This webinar  provides guidance to individuals considering careers in conservation science, current students, and post-doctorates entering the field.

Demystifying the Publishing Process in Conservation

Featuring Sanchita Balachandran, Michele Derrick, and Carolyn Riccardelli

November 5, 2015

The presenters discuss a range of topics including publishing platforms, the process of writing a peer-reviewed article, collaborative writing, and funding. This webinar aims to make the prospect of publishing seem less intimidating to conservators at all levels.

Presenting Talks and Posters

Featuring Katie Sanderson and Ariel O’Connor

March 11, 2015

Watch this webinar if you are busy working on a poster or presentation, or even preparing for graduate school interviews.  The speakers discuss writing an abstract, putting together an effective PowerPoint, presenting a talk, and creating a poster.

Follow up blog post and tips sheet by Ariel O’Connor


Beyond the Portfolio: Your Conservation Career

Featuring Suzanne Davis
October 16, 2014

The featured speaker, Suzanne Davis, discusses career development and presents information on applying for fellowships and jobs, negotiating compensation, and developing your career after graduate school.

Pre-webinar blog post: Portfolios and Career Transitions: Pre-Program, Graduate, and Post-graduate Tips by Suzanne Davis

Follow up blog post: Your Conservation Career: Resources for Negotiating Your Next Salary by Suzanne Davis

Beyond the Prerequisites: Preparing for Conservation Graduate School

Featuring Debra Hess Norris, Ellen Pearlstein, Margaret Holben Ellis, Rosaleen Hill, James Hamm, and Meredith Lavalle
July 16, 2014

This webinar features representatives from five North American graduate programs in art conservation, and provides insight into how to strengthen your application to graduate programs while enriching your career.

Follow up blog post: Q&A


Get Involved! Conservation Education, Outreach, and Advocacy


Featuring Teresa Myers, Richard McCoy, and Sarah Barack

April 23, 2014

This webinar features three speakers with experience working in various aspects of conservation education, outreach, and advocacy. During the program, the speakers shared their experiences as both supervisors and pre-program interns and answered audience questions.

Follow up blog post: Q&A


How to Make the Most of Your Pre-Program Internship

Featuring Emily Williams, Thomas Edmondson, LeeAnn Gordon, and Ayesha Fuentes
September 24, 2013

The program features two speakers with experience supervising pre-program interns and two speakers with more recent experience as pre-program interns. The discussion centers around navigating pre-program internships and tips on how to maximize your experience.

Pre-webinar blog post: Online Resources from ECPN

Follow up blog post: Q&A


Setting Up a Private Practice – Q&A

Featuring Paul Messier, Rosa Lowinger, and Julia Brennan

November 30, 2012

This webinar includes moderated discussion and Q&A session with three speakers from the private practice sphere. Speakers discussed their experiences establishing their businesses, how their businesses have evolved, how they have learned to balance various initiatives and projects, and their advice for those considering entering private practice.

Follow up blog post: Recap of webinar


Self-Advocacy and Fundraising for Independent Research

Featuring Debra Hess Norris

July 26, 2012

Norris offers advice and remarks tailored to recent graduates on subjects including navigating the field after graduation, funding opportunities for independent scholars, and tips for self-advocacy. In addition, she discusses building skills by taking workshops or seminars to strengthen your negotiating proficiency or taking business classes (especially if you intend to pursue a private practice), obtaining certificates in grant-writing or project management, or considering a doctoral degree in an allied field.

Follow up blog post: Recap of webinar

Follow up blog post: Funding opportunities, resources, and tips


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