Relevant AIC Resources

AIC’s website hosts a wide array of resources relevant to or designed specifically for ECPs. A list of these resources can be found below. 


Education & Training Committee

ECPN works closely with the Education & Training Committee (ETC), which provides resources for getting started in the field, including:

AIC and FAIC Professional Development Scholarships & Grants

A number of scholarships and grants are available to ECPs who are AIC members to support attendance at professional conferences and workshops. Funding is provided either by FAIC or specific AIC Specialty Groups, and additional information can be found below:

A list of all FAIC grants can be found here. Before you apply, be sure to check out ECPN’s blogpost “Tips for Writing FAIC Grant Proposals.”


Finding Opportunities in Conservation

Advertisements for job, internship and fellowship postings can be found on the AIC Member Community; these positions are cross-posted on AIC’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.


ANAGPiC Student Papers and Posters

The Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation (ANAGPiC) regularly hosts meetings for the presentation and exchange of graduate student work and research. Click here to read student papers and posters.


FAIC/Getty Conservation Science Tutorials

With the support of the Getty Foundation, FAIC created a series of self-paced modules that review key science principles in conservation. These videos are useful for pre-program candidates who are about to enter graduate school for conservation, as well as other ECPs who are interested in refreshing their knowledge. Module topics include Adhesion, Color, Relative Humidity, Safety in the Laboratory, and the Teas Chart… plus many more! Click here to check out all of the modules.


Sustainability in Conservation

Check out a list of Sustainability Tips for Emerging Conservation Professionals, published by AIC’s Sustainability Committee on the AIC Wiki, and learn how you can make a difference in your institution and develop good habits early in your career.


AIC and FAIC Surveys

AIC and FAIC periodically conducts member-wide surveys. The overview report of FAIC’s 2014 Compensation Research is a useful resource for ECPs searching for employment and navigating the process of salary negotiations.


Writing for Conservation

"Writing for Conservation" by C.Velson Horie and Juanita Navarro, Conservation News No. 69, July 1999, pp 11-15.