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Wooden Artifacts Group Scholarship Fund


In order to promote accessibility to the field of wooden artifact conservation and encourage growth within the AIC Wooden Artifact Specialty Group, WAG has approved the creation of a Scholarship Fund. This fund is available to financially supplement internships and educational experiences in the field of wooden artifact conservation, and targets pre-program interns and emerging conservation professionals. Priority will be placed on applications for internship funding.

A two year trial window, beginning in 2017, is set for the Scholarship Fund, after which point the success and continuation of Scholarship Fund will be reevaluated by the Chair and Advisory Committee presiding at that time.

Award Criteria

Candidates for scholarship funding should be pre-program interns and emerging conservation professionals in the field of wooden artifact conservation. Candidates who are able to indicate circumstances which have hindered their entry into the field of wooden artifact conservation will be given priority. Specific criteria would include geographic location, lack of funded internships, inability to accept unpaid internships due to their pursuit of other graduate school prerequisites, or other circumstances that would impede access to experiences in wooden artifact conservation. Priority will be given to U.S. citizens, but all may apply. The internship or educational experience may take place outside of the U.S.

Application must include:

  1. A letter of intent and career goals of the applicant
  2. If applying for internship funding: A letter of support and the internship goals from the intern’s primary supervising conservator. Please include the length of the internship and the expected numbers of hours. If applying for other educational funding: Proof of the educational experience’s content and how it satisfies WAG’s intended goals. This may be in the form of a letter from a course instructor, or an official program description. Please indicate the total cost and how these costs will be paid.
  3. Resume

All the applications will be submit through FAIC online application portal and reviewed by the three members of the WAG Advisory Committee. No member of the Committee may sponsor an applicant. The award(s) will be announced 6 weeks after the March 1st application deadline. The criteria will include:

  1. How strong is applicant’s commitment to a career as a wooden artifacts conservator?
  2. Does the applicant’s proposal make sense? Does the proposed program clearly further the career of the applicant?
  3. Is the financial need clear? Has the candidate explored other means of funding or supplementary funds? 
  4. How likely is the candidate to be involved in WAG and the AIC in the future?

Award Amount

Maximum allocation per scholarship of $2,000, based on a $10 per hour wage for five weeks of full time work, or part time work, to be completed over a longer internship period, as proposed by the supervising conservator. Minimum allocation per scholarship of $500.  Applications for a matched fund scholarship, in which the supervising conservator and/or associated institution intend to match the funds provided by WAG, would also be considered.


Click here to access the application portal.

Final Report

Scholarship awardees will submit a written summary of their experience within one month of the internship or event’s completion.