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Equity & Inclusion Committee

  • formalizes our commitment to the issues of equity and inclusion within the organization and the field of conservation at large.
  • pursues strategic avenues that support the AIC’s Core Value of Equity and Inclusion and improves equity and inclusion in our membership and programs.
  • takes guidance from our board-approved report:

Composition and Rotation

The committee is composed of eight (8) members. Members serve staggered two-year terms, with the option to renew for a second term. New members are solicited by the committee from the AIC membership. In order to achieve a diverse committee, considerations will be given to candidates’ characteristics, backgrounds, experience, and how candidates may complement the current committee members.  The committee works with an AIC Board Liaison and an F/AIC Staff Liaison.

The AIC Board reviews and approves the committee’s recommendations for new members. The committee is led by co-chairs who are appointed by the committee. Each co-chair serves for one two-year term.

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Statement on Equity and Inclusion

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) is committed to the premise that the preservation of cultural heritage is inseparable from our belief that the creative achievements and histories of all peoples must be acknowledged and honored. Through our support of conservation and heritage professionals, we actively strive to create an inclusive and equitable environment in which all members of our community are valued and respected. The AIC supports efforts to increase diversity at all stages of education and professional development so that we are able to attain the highest levels of professional integrity. We believe that a diverse workforce provides the multi-faceted perspectives, skills, and knowledge necessary to achieve excellence in the conservation of our shared heritage. In our promotion of the preservation of cultural heritage, we commit to valuing diversity and promoting equity.

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