How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with ECPN and AIC. See below to learn more.

Become a Member of ECPN

If you are already an AIC Member, joining ECPN is easy -- and free! Log in to your Member Profile, and under “Interests” section, select “Emerging Conservation Professionals” to receive our email blasts about upcoming programming.

Join our Online Community

We host a public Facebook group that is intended to promote a feeling of community and camaraderie amongst all conservation professionals and to provide a forum for discussion amongst our members. This page operates as both a network and a resource: it provides space for sharing opportunities, making professional connections, participating in fruitful discussions, and promoting increased awareness of the field of conservation.

The group is open to all emerging conservation professionals worldwide, including those just learning about the field and considering a career in conservation. Established conservation professionals are also welcome and encouraged to contribute content and advice to the ECPN Facebook community.

To join, search “Emerging Conservation Professionals Network” on Facebook and click “Request to Join.” Please noted that this is a public Facebook group in which page administrators must approve membership, but do not moderate discussions.

Before joining, please read our Facebook Posting Guidelines.

We also have an online community on AIC's Online Community. Join us there! 

Join Local Activities Organized by Regional Liaisons

Our Regional Liaisons cultivate local networks of ECPs and foster a sense of community, organizing local events such as lab tours, portfolio days, or happy hours.

Become an ECPN Officer or Liaison

Conservation professionals are a dedicated group of individuals. Professional service is a great way to give back to the community and continue to develop your own network.

If you are interested in getting more involved, consider applying to become an officer or liaison! Each Spring, we advertise vacancies via e-blasts to ECPN members, on the ECPN Facebook Page, and on AIC’s Blog. Learn more about the Liaison Program, the role of liaisons, and the application process.

Conduct Interviews for the FAIC Oral History Project

Volunteering your time to the FAIC Oral History Project offers an opportunity to learn about the history of the field, develop new skills, and make a contribution to this invaluable resource. Want to learn more about the experience of conducting an interview? Read this blog post by Kari Rayner “Getting the Interview: Emerging Conservator Involvement in the FAIC Oral History Project.”

Volunteer for a Community Partnership Project

In conjunction with the AIC Annual Meeting each year, AIC works with local conservators to develop Community Partnership Projects. Through these volunteer projects, conservators provide assistance to important local collections and help to promote a broader understanding of the importance of cultural preservation.