Historic House Hazards

Members of the Health & Safety Network have been working on a survey-style document to help determine which hazards may be present in historic houses.

The goal of the Historic House Hazards Project is to help historic house museums and small cultural heritage organizations make the health and safety of their visitors and staff a focus of their institutional mission. 

Self Assessment Survey

ACCESS THE SELF-ASSESSMENT SURVEY (downloadable spreadsheet)

This survey is intended to be general information for historic houses and small museums for the purpose of providing knowledge and raising awareness of health and safety issues. The results should be used with caution. Nothing in this survey can be interpreted as legal advice. The information provided should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a trained health and safety professional.

Completing this survey will provide a prioritized list of health and safety concerns at a historic property. This quantitative feedback can help leadership plan for addressing the most serious issues including creating foundations for budgeting and fundraising for health and safety projects. While this survey is tailored for small institutions and historic houses, it can be adapted to fit the needs of many different types of museums. It is written as broadly as possible to apply to many different types of institutions.

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