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Held in Trust Report

The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) are pleased to share the full Held in Trust: Transforming Cultural Heritage Conservation for a More Resilient Future report.

Growing out of a four-year collaboration between FAIC and NEH, the report articulates a vision of a vibrant and resilient future for conservation grounded in social justice, equity, and environmental action, in which communities, conservators, and diverse audiences work together to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the United States. This work is of vital importance for the field of conservation, cultural institutions, philanthropy, media, and the public as the preservation of cultural heritage is indispensable to fostering a society where all of humanity is valued and thrives.

The report provides findings on the state of the field and include actionable steps that can be taken by cultural institutions, communities, practitioners, funders, and supporting organizations to meet the challenges facing the conservation and preservation field and advance toward a positive future for our communities and nation. It marks the beginning of how we can work together, from areas of collaboration already underway to what is needed now.

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We will introduce community discussions and related events as we disseminate the report. We will also include additional forthcoming resources on how to share and utilize this report on this page. 

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Foundation for Advancement in Conservation. 2023. “Held in Trust: Transforming Cultural Heritage Conservation for a More Resilient Future.