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Common Misconceptions about Publishing in JAIC

The JAIC Editorial Board has gathered a list of common myths and misconceptions about our journal from public posts and private queries. Each question is in the form of a statement. Expand the statement to discover whether it is fact or faction, or something more nuanced.

  • Q: If you publish in an AIC specialty group’s postprints, you can’t publish the same work in JAIC?

  • Q: Publishing in a specialty group postprints volume is the same as publishing in JAIC.

  • Q: JAIC charges publication fees.

  • Q: The quality of JAIC has declined.

  • Q: The acceptance rate of JAIC is low.

  • Q: JAIC has thin issues because no one publishes in it.

  • Q: JAIC only publishes the work of AIC members.

  • Q: Short articles aren’t published by JAIC.

  • Q: Articles related to conservation treatments aren’t published by JAIC.

  • Q: Review articles aren’t published by JAIC.

  • Q: ‘Big picture’ articles aren’t published by JAIC.

  • Q: If your article doesn’t have spectra in it, it won’t be published by JAIC.

  • Q: Your project needs to be ground-breaking to be published by JAIC.

  • Q: JAIC favors papers on White material culture.

  • Q: JAIC favors White male authors.

  • Q: Foreign authors are not held to the same standards as authors from the USA.

  • Q: A ‘major revision’ decision on my paper means that JAIC is not interested in publishing it.

  • Q: My paper was rejected by JAIC, but it was published later in another journal, proving that the JAIC editors dislike or are biased against me.

  • Q: I have not published anything before so JAIC is more likely to reject my work.

  • Q: JAIC editors rejected my article.

These questions first appear in an article in AIC News, March 2021, Vol. 46(2). Corina E. Rogge, PhD, JAIC Associate Editor, wrote the article with help from the JAIC Editorial Board, especially Catherine H. Stephens, PhD.