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Volunteering not only helps us but you as you move ahead in your career. We are more vibrant, valuable, and relevant due to your contributions and those of members who volunteered before you.

More than 250 members volunteer in a variety of roles each year. We advertise openings for volunteer positions in the March issue of our member newsletter as well as on the Volunteer Opportunities page. Contact the AIC Nominating Committee or a nominating committee in your specialty group or network to inquire about running for elected office.

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Serve on a board, specialty group, committee, network, task force, or working group.

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Find open Volunteer Opportunities and learn how to apply.

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Contribute your knowledge and experience to the field.


Each of our leadership groups function in a particular way. Learn how we work by reading through the following guidelines for volunteering.


Forms and Documents

Find our Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Practice, Meeting Minutes, Position Papers, Reports, and Strategic Plans at Governance.