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Reports and Minutes Guidelines


The chairs of specialty groups, networks, task forces, and committees submit several types of reports to the board each year. These include two reports for regular board meetings, one Internal Advisory Group report, and an annual report.

Reports to the AIC Board

The AIC Board meets three times per year to review current activities, develop policy, and plan for the future of the organization. Integral to the May and November AIC Board meetings are the reports by the chairs of specialty groups, committees, and task forces. These reports outline the group's recent activities related to the charge or goals and outline plans for future activities. They may include questions or recommendations for the board.

Reports should be no more than two pages in length and are sent by email to the board liaison. The board liaison compiles reports from all their groups into one document and forwards them to the AIC executive director for inclusion in the board notebook. Reports should include highlights, a roster with terms, a summary of activities, and any requested board actions.

Internal Advisory Group Report

The Internal Advisory Group is composed of the chairs of all specialty groups, networks, task forces, and committees. The IAG meets with the board and staff once a year in fall. This report is an opportunity for the various groups to be updated on all activities and to coordinate overlapping or complementary charges. It includes the group's activities since the last IAG meeting and any issues or questions to be discussed at the IAG meeting. It does not include issues intended for board review.

IAG reports should be no longer than two pages and sent by email to the board liaison. They can duplicate some of the board report information. The board liaison compiles all reports into one document and forwards them to the AIC executive director for inclusion in the IAG meeting packet.

Deadlines: Board and IAG Reports

  • For May 2023 board meeting: April 21, 2023

Minutes and Notes

All groups, networks, committees, and task forces should take minutes or notes during their regular meetings. Minutes should be taken when any formal actions or votes are made and during every official member business meeting. These are legal documents. A video recording of the meeting does not constitute minutes, as votes and attendance need to be saved in written format. Notes can be taken for all other meetings.

Minutes and notes should be saved in the officers community library. Follow the guidelines in this short training video:

AIC has records management guidelines for each type of document your group may create. Placing the documents in the officer community library is one way chairs can ensure AIC has access to official minutes and other documents.

--Content updated March 31, 2023 (BN)