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2017 Meeting

45th Annual Meeting in Chicago

The theme of the Annual Meeting was "Treatment 2017: Innovation in Conservation and Collection Care."

Whether item or collection-level, preventive or interventive, treatment remains at the heart of what conservators do in order to preserve cultural heritage collections. The design and implementation of an ethical and sound conservation treatment, even the ultimate decision of no treatment at all, begin before its commencement and the consequences continue well beyond its completion.

Papers were solicited that explore various facets of conservation treatments and collection care programs intended to prolong the lifetime of cultural property. Topics include, but are not limited to, a reconsideration of historic procedures no longer in practice, cutting edge technologies employed in treatments, effective preventive conservation or collection care steps that reduce the necessity or extent of interventive treatments, the incorporation of sustainability into conservation treatments, or innovations in treatment design, execution, and documentation.

45th Annual Meeting Publications

The 2017 Abstract Book and Final Program from the 45th Annual Meeting are available for download below! If you'd like to purchase a physical copy of the Abstract Book or Final Program, go to our store!

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