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Sustainability Committee

  • aims to promote sustainability as an equal factor in decision-making processes.
  • creates and publishes new research, while highlighting and contributing to work done by our colleagues.
  • provides resources for AIC members and affiliated professionals regarding sustainable approaches to the preservation of cultural heritage, including conservation, restoration, collections and preventive care.
  • defines research topics and suggest working groups as needed to explore various aspects of sustainability and conservation.


The committee is comprised of eight voting members - one committee chair, six professional members, and one student member.

The committee was founded in August 2008 as the Green Task Force (GTF) with the initial mission to evaluate U.S. conservators’ current awareness of sustainable practices in institutions and private businesses. In September 2010, the GTF became the Committee for Sustainable Conservation Practices (CSCP). In July 2013, the CSCP renamed itself the Sustainability Committee (SC) to clarify our objectives, to appeal to a wider audience, and to increase our visibility.



Note: We do not promote specific companies or materials but may mention them when exploring information relevant to the field of conservation.