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Sustainability Committee

  • To promote sustainability as a core value of AIC membership. 
  • To create content that highlights innovative work in the field of conservation and sustainability. 
  • To provide resources for AIC members and affiliated professionals regarding sustainable approaches to the preservation of cultural heritage, including conservation, restoration, collections care, preventive care, and sustainable living.
  • To define research topics and suggest working groups as needed to explore various aspects of sustainability and conservation.
  • To engage the AIC community in building a more sustainable future through collaboration with AIC members and outside experts.


The committee comprises ten voting members: one committee chair, eight professional members, and one student member. The Sustainability Committee welcomes volunteers and encourages members of the conservation and collections care communities to reach out with ideas, questions, comments, and suggestions.

Get Involved 

Want to get involved? Email us at to learn about volunteer opportunities. 

Interested in joining the Sustainability Committee? The professional member position, which are for two-year terms with an option to extend, are open to all AIC members, including interim year members, associates, professional associates, and fellows.  The student member position is a one-year term open to current graduate students. The call for applications for new members opens in April of each year. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to apply to join the Sustainability Committee.


Please reach out to us at with your questions or expertise. Already innovating in the realm of sustainability? Use the hashtag #SustainableAIC on social media to let us know what you are up to!

Note: We do not promote specific companies or materials but may mention them when exploring information relevant to the field of conservation.