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Sustainability Resources

Sustainable Practices Wiki

This wiki on various subjects related to sustainable conservation, such as information about purchasing decisions, recycling, waste management, and energy use as related to specific materials. Includes: a list of all publications created throughout the history, a summary of presentations given during AIC annual meetings, and a detailed page of referenced and related resources, as well as a list of sources at Works Cited and Further Reading.

Member Survey Report

In October 2008, the Sustainability Committee (formerly the Green Task Force), sent a survey to members in an effort to evaluate their current awareness of this topic. The results of this survey were presented our 37th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. The presentation explored who responded, their awareness of sustainability, examples of sustainable and unsustainable practices and products, and future work for the committee.

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Meeting Presentation

This presentation at AIC's 38th Annual Meeting addresses how conservators add to burgeoning landfills, place stress on waning resources, use toxic products that pollute our environment, and set standards that increase our carbon footprints. It does not tell conservators how to work, instead it begins to provide information so we can make environmentally conscious decisions with the goal of reducing our collective carbon footprint.



Note: We do not promote specific companies or materials but may mention them when exploring information relevant to the field of conservation.