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Survey Reports

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Connecting to Collections Care User Needs Survey 2021PDF1.29 MB17 Sep, 2021 Download
Summary of 2019 Survey of Membership SatisfactionPDF1.38 MB22 Sep, 2020 Download
2018 Member Designation Survey - Preliminary ReportPDF1.31 MB10 Jun, 2020 Download
C2CC Needs Survey 2018PDF792.93 KB13 Sep, 2019 Download
Annual Meeting Themes Survey 2019PDF96.47 KB31 Jan, 2019 Download
FAIC Education Survey 2014PDF1.08 MB31 Jan, 2019 Download
Annual Meeting Theme Location Survey 2019PDF96.47 KB09 May, 2018 Download
Collection Care and Management Staff Titles and Responsibilities SurveyPDF500.97 KB01 Aug, 2017 Download
Compensation Survey 2014PDF1.33 MB04 Feb, 2015 Download
Digital Landscape Survey SummaryPDF709.80 KB06 Nov, 2014 Download
Digital Landscape of Conservation SurveyPDF457.99 KB26 Aug, 2014 Download
Digital Landscape of Conservation Survey Results PreviewPDF468.30 KB12 Aug, 2014 Download
Compensation Survey 2009PDF496.54 KB12 Feb, 2014 Download
Collection Care Staff Survey ReportPDF1.05 MB15 Nov, 2013 Download
Conservation Profession Overview Survey 2009PDF305.99 KB30 Apr, 2013 Download
Green Task Force Survey ReportPDF1.10 MB26 Apr, 2013 Download

Other Reports

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AIC News and Social Media Survey

April 2011


January 2010

FAIC Survey of Users of Conservation Services

January 2010

FAIC Connecting to Collections

December 2009

Needs Survey

July 2009