About Us
The American Institute for Conservation and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation work together to promote the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Partner with us to further that mission.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by members. The Nominating Committee selects nominees from the body of professional members. Each board member has a different area of oversight for the organization. 

Ms. Margaret Holben Ellis
Chair; Eugene Thaw Professor of Paper Conservation 
NYU Institute of Fine Arts, Conservation Center
New York, NY

Ms. Suzanne Davis
Ms. Suzanne Davis
(Vice President)
Curator and Head of Conservation
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, MI

Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton headshot
Ms. Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton
McGlinchey Sexton Conservation, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO

Elmer Eusman headshot
Mr. Elmer Eusman
Chief of the Conservation Division 
Library of Congress

Washington, DC

Ms. Brenda Bernier
Ms. Brenda Bernier
(Director, Communications)
Malloy-Rabinowitz Preservation Librarian
Director of Preservation Services
Harvard Library
Cambridge, MA

Mr. Thomas J. Braun
Mr. Thomas J. Braun
(Directors, Committees, Networks, and Task Forces)
Head of Conservation and Senior Objects Conservator
Minnesota Historical Society
Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Molly C. Gleeson
Ms. Molly C. Gleeson
(Director, Professional Education)
Schwartz Project Conservator
Penn Museum
Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Sarah E. Melching
Ms. Sarah E. Melching
(Director, Specialty Groups)
Silber Director of Conservation
Denver Art Museum
Denver, CO

Ms. Eryl P. Wentworth
(Ex Officio Member)
Executive Director
American Institute for Conservation
Washington, DC