Collaborate, learn, and network with your colleagues both in person and online. Attend our annual meeting, the largest conference in North America for conservation professionals.

Attendee Information

Getting Help

Use the Learning Community Help to start.

Staff members are on hand to help throughout the day.  Use these email addresses for assistance.

Finding the Meeting

Use one of these methods to find the Learning Community and log into the meeting.

Once you’re logged in, you should see a green "You are registered" box to the right of the event title. If you don't see the green box, check that you are logged in.

Testing Browser

Test your browser before the start of the program:

  • Select a session. 
  • Click the yellow Test Your Browser button. 
  • The site will take you through 5 quick tests. When they are all successful, you should be able to access the presentations.
  • The site does not work on mobile phones and some older tablets. It generally works with Chrome or Explorer browsers best. If you have trouble connecting with one browser, try a different one.

Viewing Sessions

Visit the session date and click on any of the session titles to expand it. You’ll see the abstract under the titles and yellow boxes to the right, including one that allows you to join or view the session.

  • Each session will be two hours long, starting at 1:00 pm ET. The speakers will take turns presenting within the same virtual meeting room, so you only need to join once per day. Most sessions will have three to four 20- to 25-minute talks and one or two short exhibitor presentations. The moderator will plan the Q&A portion and let you know when it will occur.
  • You can communicate with speakers and other attendees during the session through a chat feature.
  • You will only need a computer with speakers and a mouse or trackpad.
  • We will record every session so you can come back to it later (through the end of 2020). 
  • Warning: Because our meeting has so many presentations, some of the individual talks may "drift" into the wrong time slot. It's an unfortunate quirk of the platform. Please check the date and time directly beneath the talk title to confirm which day it will be on so you don't miss it!

Accessing Companion Discussion Community

Access the online discussion community that comes with your registration.

  • You can read through posts and add your own discussion topic.
  • You will automatically receive daily digests of all posts.
  • You will need to accept the pop-up Terms and Conditions upon logging into the community for the first time. Scroll down to find the accept/decline buttons.
  • You must adhere to the Terms, but otherwise the community is self-moderated.
  • You can also see posts from the online community in the Online Community tab of the event on our learning site.

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