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2022 Posters

Posters at the 2022 AIC Annual Meeting

The 2022 Poster Session was May 15 and 16 at the Westin Bonventure in Los Angeles. In-person attendees joined poster authors for a Q&A at their poster on Monday, May 16, during the 3:30pm break in the exhibit hall.

Recorded poster presentations will be hosted after the meeting, with a live, online Q&A. The date will be announced after the in-person meeting.

Posters from the 2022 poster session will be listed below. Please send your posters for publishing online to Dawn Mankowski at aicposters (at) Poster authors will receive an email with submission instructions.

Download the 2022 posters below

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
23 Leather Use in Treatment - Leather Discussion GroupJPG4.26 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
43 Piecing It Together Analysis and Treatment of a Painted Silk Flag - Katya ZinsliPDF4.39 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
07 Exploring the Past - An Ongoing Research Project about the Development of Conservation in Austria - Bouvier SchindlerPDF4.12 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
47 Beva Gel as a Fill Material For Wax - Megan RandallPDF4.78 MB27 May, 2022 Download
14 Recovering the missing aura - a study on the feasibility of rebinding and the paper strength of fire-damaged books - Hsuan-Yu ChenPDF4.53 MB27 May, 2022 Download
28 Challenges in Radiocarbon Dating Leather - Margaret DavisPDF4.58 MB27 May, 2022 Download
12 Portable Protocols Safe Conservation in Temp Labs - Ritchie and DotanPDF4.65 MB27 May, 2022 Download
33 Feather Fills and Recoloring of Faded Parrot Taxidermy -- Michaela PaulsonPDF3.47 MB27 May, 2022 Download
18 Preliminary Research into Curricula in Sustainability for Cultural Heritage Conservation - Wuebold Pearlstein Shelley WhartonPDF2.62 MB27 May, 2022 Download
19 Protecting Tibetan Buddhist Texts-The Material and Spiritual Considerations of Pothi Format Wrappings - Rachel BisonnettePDF2.72 MB27 May, 2022 Download
27 Jewish Value Considerations When Working with Judaica - Margalit SchindlerPDF2.62 MB27 May, 2022 Download
41 Out of the ashes - The conservation trials of the Clandon State Bed textiles - Yoko HanegreefsPDF2.04 MB27 May, 2022 Download
11 Creating Simulated Graphitized Archaeological Cast Iron Samples For Testing Conservation Treatments -Erik FarrellPDF2.19 MB27 May, 2022 Download
51 Conserving Canvas Platform - WeidemaPDF1.94 MB27 May, 2022 Download
21 FORMETAL Aluminum Mesh for Mount-Making and Supports - Katherine McFarlinPDF1.51 MB27 May, 2022 Download
34 Accurate Non-Invasive Analyses of Paintings Primings - Miroslaw WachowiakPDF1.24 MB27 May, 2022 Download
20 Brain Tanned Leather for Bookbinding - Kelly Paterson Trujillo AikenheadPDF4.65 MB10 May, 2022 Download
36 A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Chelators in Accretion Removal from Historic Archaeological Glaze - Skyler JenkinsPDF3.32 MB10 May, 2022 Download
10 The Dutch Method Unfolded_ A masterclass to revisit the wax-resin lining technique and facilitate the future conservation of wax-resin lined paintings-Emilie FromentPDF2.05 MB10 May, 2022 Download
49 COVID-era Collection Concerns - examining the impact of sanitizer gels and wipes on library and archival materials- Cindy Connelly RyanPDF552.35 KB10 May, 2022 Download
39 Imag(in)ing the Future - AIC Imaging Working GroupPDF1.23 MB09 May, 2022 Download