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2022 Posters

We list posters from the 2022 poster session available for download below. Add your post by emailing it to

The Program & Abstract Book lists the posters on pages 54-56 and the abstracts for those posters at the end of the publication.

Downloadable Posters

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
32 Non-invasive Technical Analysis of Illuminated Manuscript Leaves from the W.D. Jordan Rare Book and Special Collections, Queen's University, A Collaborative Project - BartzPDF5.18 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
44 Hard Hats Required_Rehousing a basketry collection during the Yale Peabody Museum's renovation - MealeyPDF4.20 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
26 Theresienstadt Toys_Creating Custom Housing for Concentration Camp Items - RozumalskiPDF3.07 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
13 Mist Consolidation - Future Treatment of Potential for Deteriorated Iron-Dyed Yarns - HodgePDF805.02 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
42 Building a Time-Based Media Conservation Workstation From (Almost) Scratch - SmithPDF193.02 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
30 Project for personal training of services and historical conservation for historical and heritage buildings Online educational platform - Canosa _ TamboriniPDF11.42 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
08 From empirical practice to interdisciplinary task_The evolution or the cultural heritage conservation - GallegosJPG9.05 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
55 Preventive Conservation and Pesticide Use_Investigating Potentially Contaminated Ornithology and Mammalogy Collections in Zimbabwe’s Museums - Chiwara and O'ConnellPDF4.82 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
24 Covid 19 Impact on Working practices at the Parliament of the United Kingdom - ManninaPDF4.12 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
02 Getting Back to Basics low-tech consolidation on a tight schedule - TaftPDF4.24 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
04 Now You See It_A Brief Timeline and History of the Chemical Erasure of Iron Gall Ink - RhodesPDF3.43 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
29 Consequences and Perspectives of Brazilian Conservation Associations in the Context of COVID-19 - WertheimerPDF1.51 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
56 The secret of black marker pens identification workflow with non-invasive hyperspectral and macro X-ray fluorescence imaging techniques - Lowe Liu Chiu LongPDF1013.57 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
40 Elsa Schiaparelli's Pressing Buttons_The Scientific Assessment and Material Study of Synthetic Fasteners - GarciaPDF669.20 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
16 Accessibilty in the FAIC - Teper, Namde, KimPDF311.03 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
15 More Than a Burnt Stick_A Visual Glossary of Charcoal Products - ClayJPG7.10 MB18 Aug, 2022 Download
01 Assessing the Damage_Strategies for approaching the conservation of fire-damaged stained glass - WysopalPDF808.96 KB18 Aug, 2022 Download
54 An Evaluation of Interleaving Materials for Air-drying Coated Papers during Emergency Response - BookletPDF2.56 MB27 Jul, 2022 Download
54 An Evaluation of Interleaving Materials for Air-drying Coated Papers during Emergency Response - PosterPDF1.18 MB27 Jul, 2022 Download
37 All that glitters is not bronze_Diving into the intricacies of so-called “bronze paints” on gilded wood - Hoffmann, Auffret, Kaplan, Khanjian, MazurekPDF1.58 MB27 Jul, 2022 Download
31 Flags and pigments_The conservation treatment and analysis of two flags from Costa Rica 1921 - AgueroPDF1.50 MB27 Jul, 2022 Download
22 Iron Stain Reduction from White Paint Films – Kate Brugioni GabrielliPDF1.37 MB27 Jul, 2022 Download
09 Planning for Future Storage of Architectural Materials_Tips from Rehousing Richard Neutra’s Collections - MattlinPDF903.83 KB27 Jul, 2022 Download
23 Leather Use in Treatment - Leather Discussion GroupJPG4.26 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
43 Piecing It Together Analysis and Treatment of a Painted Silk Flag - Katya ZinsliPDF4.39 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
07 Exploring the Past - An Ongoing Research Project about the Development of Conservation in Austria - Bouvier SchindlerPDF4.12 MB03 Jun, 2022 Download
14 Recovering the missing aura - a study on the feasibility of rebinding and the paper strength of fire-damaged books - Hsuan-Yu ChenPDF4.53 MB27 May, 2022 Download
47 Beva Gel as a Fill Material For Wax - Megan RandallPDF4.78 MB27 May, 2022 Download
28 Challenges in Radiocarbon Dating Leather - Margaret DavisPDF4.58 MB27 May, 2022 Download
12 Portable Protocols Safe Conservation in Temp Labs - Ritchie and DotanPDF4.65 MB27 May, 2022 Download
33 Feather Fills and Recoloring of Faded Parrot Taxidermy -- Michaela PaulsonPDF3.47 MB27 May, 2022 Download
19 Protecting Tibetan Buddhist Texts-The Material and Spiritual Considerations of Pothi Format Wrappings - Rachel BisonnettePDF2.72 MB27 May, 2022 Download
34 Accurate Non-Invasive Analyses of Paintings Primings - Miroslaw WachowiakPDF1.24 MB27 May, 2022 Download
41 Out of the ashes - The conservation trials of the Clandon State Bed textiles - Yoko HanegreefsPDF2.04 MB27 May, 2022 Download
11 Creating Simulated Graphitized Archaeological Cast Iron Samples For Testing Conservation Treatments - FarrellPDF2.19 MB27 May, 2022 Download
51 Conserving Canvas Platform - WeidemaPDF1.94 MB27 May, 2022 Download
18 Preliminary Research into Curricula in Sustainability for Cultural Heritage Conservation - Wuebold Pearlstein Shelley WhartonPDF2.62 MB27 May, 2022 Download
21 FORMETAL Aluminum Mesh for Mount-Making and Supports - Katherine McFarlinPDF1.51 MB27 May, 2022 Download
27 Jewish Value Considerations When Working with Judaica - Margalit SchindlerPDF2.62 MB27 May, 2022 Download
20 Brain Tanned Leather for Bookbinding - Kelly Paterson Trujillo AikenheadPDF4.65 MB10 May, 2022 Download
36 A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Chelators in Accretion Removal from Historic Archaeological Glaze - Skyler JenkinsPDF3.32 MB10 May, 2022 Download
49 COVID-era Collection Concerns - examining the impact of sanitizer gels and wipes on library and archival materials- Cindy Connelly RyanPDF552.35 KB10 May, 2022 Download
10 The Dutch Method Unfolded_A masterclass to revisit the wax-resin lining technique and facilitate the future conservation of wax-resin lined paintings - FromentPDF2.05 MB10 May, 2022 Download
39 Imag(in)ing the Future - AIC Imaging Working GroupPDF1.23 MB09 May, 2022 Download