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Allocation and Matching Requirement

Upon acceptance into the CAP program, FAIC allocates a set amount of funding toward the cost of each participant's assessment. Allocation amounts range from $3,600 to $4,000 per assessor based on the annual operating budget of the institution. The museum is responsible for paying all costs beyond those covered by the allocation.

Most institutions will have two assessors (a collections assessor and a building assessor).

     Annual Budget of the Institution     

     Allocation per Assessor     

Less than $250,000


 $250,000 to $750,000


 More than $750,000


The cost of a conservation assessment is determined between each assessor and institution, but the fees typically include two components: 1) the professional fee and 2) reimbursable expenses. Each assessor’s fee schedule will vary based on location, experience, etc.

The assessor’s reimbursable expenses include fees such as the cost of travel to the site, hotel costs, meals, and other on-site expenses.

The allocation can only be used to cover the cost of the assessment. If an assessor’s total fees are less than the allocation, the remaining funds will be used toward an assessment for another institution.

Please note that CAP is not a grant. Allocation funds will not be sent to institutions; FAIC will send payment in the allocated amount directly to the assessor. 

1:1 Match Requirement

Participating institutions are required to meet or exceed a 1:1 match of the allocated funds. This match can be reached through any combination of:      
     a) cash expenses to meet the total fees charged by the assessors
     b) the value of staff, volunteer, and board time committed to the CAP project
     c) inkind contributions toward the project
     d) overhead expenses

For examples of how institutions might meet the required match, visit the Meeting the Match page.