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Membership Designation Working Group

(There is no roster as this group finished its charge and has disbanded.)

This working group worked closely with the Membership Committee and the Education and Training Committee from December 2016 through December 2021 to review our membership categories and their respective application and evaluation processes. 

  • They have evaluated the needs of the membership, the demand for professional designations, and the current membership categories.
  • They have sent surveys and reviewed relevant data from prior surveys to identify current training, expertise and specializations of our membership.
  • They have reviewed, identified, and clarified eligibility criteria for a new professional designation, considering the impact on the organization and the changing professional role of the conservator as well as allied professionals.
  • They have have developed a proposal for maintaining professional membership through a continuing professional development.
  • They have evaluated how potential changes in the membership structure will impact our mission statement.

Final Proposal & Supporting Documents

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Member Designation Proposal 2021PDF137.23 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download
Continuing Professional Development Plan 2021PDF156.20 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download
Essential Competencies for Professional Members 2021PDF575.42 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download
Member Designation Rubrics 2021PDF237.57 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download
Member Designation Proposal Frequently Asked Questions 2021PDF399.31 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download

Working Documents

The following documents show previous versions of the group's work. We have posted them for background information only.

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