Membership informs your work, connects you with your colleagues, and advances your career. Share knowledge, celebrate accomplishment, and lead the field.

Professional Membership

The American Institute for Conservation gives professional membership to those conservation professionals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to our mission.

They are conservators, conservation scientists, or other professionals involved in conservation who have had their training, knowledge, and experience reviewed by a body of their peers.

Applicant Deadlines: January 1 / July 1 / October 1

Sponsor Letter Deadlines: January 15 / July 15 / October 15

Application Fee: $15.00

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Who Qualifies

Current individual members who have:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree or the international equivalent. Receive a waiver by writing to the Membership Committee explaining any equivalent education.


  • Two (2) years of full-time formal education or related supervised training in a conservation method and theory or in field appropriate to other professional involvement in conservation (e.g., chemistry for conservation scientists, library science for library preservation administrators, art history for museum conservation administrators, business management for administrators).

  • Three (3) years of post-training, full-time work (or its part-time equivalent) in conservation or in a conservation-related profession. You may not count program training internships toward this qualification.

Why Apply

  • Same Dues
    Professional Associates pay the same dues as regular members (not higher). So, you get more member benefits for the same rate.
  • One-time application
    Once accepted, you keep the designation for life, barring any Code of Ethics infractions or non-renewal of dues past a five-year grace period.
  • Professional Services Location Tool
    Be accessible to the greatest number of potential clients with a listing in our professional services location tool. 
  • Marketing materials
    Only professional members can use our designation mark in marketing. Our mark distinguishes you from the many businesses that do not abide by our code of ethics.
  • Jobs, Contracts, and Grants
    Many institutions and government agencies value it. The GSA's Fine Arts Policies and Procedures says, "all conservation procedures should... follow the [AIC] Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice... the conservator must have qualifications and experience equivalent to those required to be a Professional Associate or Fellow...."
  • Professional Development Opportunities
    Some workshops and courses we run are only open to Professional Associate and Fellow members.
  • Scholarship Eligibility
    Some of our scholarships are open only to professional members. This funding helps defray costs for your professional development, including workshops, courses and conferences.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    Some volunteer leadership positions within the organization are open only to professional members.  Volunteering is a great way to build your resume and show your leadership skills in the field.
  • Respect From Colleagues
    Provide your colleagues with the means to advocate for you. The colleagues you respect and admire think that being a professional member is a valuable part of being a professional. Aspire to join them.


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