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2018 Meeting

46th Annual Meeting in Houston

Marriott Marquis 2018 Hotel

The theme of the AIC's 46th Annual Meeting was "Material Matters 2018."

How does a better understanding and appreciation of the properties of materials change their treatment, interpretation, and preservation? Papers were solicited that demonstrate the impact of material studies – or studies of materials – on the conservation profession, including the emergence of innovative treatments, new ways of “looking” and “seeing,” shifts in decision-making and desired outcomes, and changes in collection care strategies. Also welcome are explorations of the impact of trending “materiality” studies on related disciplines including archaeology, museum and curatorial fields, and art history among others. Topics included, but were not limited to: cutting-edge imaging and analysis techniques of materials, new materials having conservation applications, revelations about the meaning and significance of materials within an artist’s work, and improved methods of authentication.

Five concurrent general session sub-themes included Material Questions, Material Transfers & Translations, Problematic Materials, Imaging Technology, and Natural History Collections, plus a track for long-form lectures.

46th Annual Meeting Publications

The 2018 Abstract Book and Final Program from the 46th Annual Meeting are available for download below. If you'd like to purchase a physical copy of the Abstract Book, visit our store!

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