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Bylaws Committee

  • Serves at the pleasure of the AIC board on issues related to the AIC bylaws
  • Review all suggestions for amendments to the bylaws and submit their recommendations to the board.

The committee is only active when a change to the bylaws is recommended. It is composed of five members, each serving until the committee completes its charge from the board. Committee members must be Fellow or Professional Association members.  

The bylaws committee was called into service in February 2022 to review the bylaws and recommend changes to conform with membership designation revisions approved by the membership in 2021. The committee will also review the bylaws and recommend changes for more inclusive language and organizational practices (including voting eligibility and professional membership requirements for office) to allow for greater diversity in AIC’s leadership positions, including the AIC Board and the four standing committees (Appeals, Ethics and Standards, Membership, and Nominating). The committee’s recommendations must first be reviewed by legal counsel and the board, then voted on by Professional Associates and Fellows. The board requests the committee’s revisions be completed by July 31, 2022. The board aims to review the revisions and present them to membership for approval in a timely manner.

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