About Conservation
Conservation is the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations. Find a conservation professional, learn about the field, and discover resources to help preserve the objects that are important to you.

Ask a Conservator Day

Since 2019, conservators around the world have answered questions about their work on Ask a Conservator Day. The next Ask a Conservator Day will take place on Friday, November 1st, 2024.

We hold Ask a Conservator day in November to remember the flooding of Florence on November 4th, 1966, which damaged priceless cultural heritage. However, in response to the catastrophe, incredible efforts were made—and are still being undertaken—to conserve the items impacted by the flood. The disaster sparked many conservation careers as more people became aware of the field and the many aspects of preservation.

Ask a Conservator Day follows in the spirit of that international collaboration and exchange of knowledge. We acknowledge and celebrate the growth of the field inspired by the response to the flood by creating an opportunity for people to engage with conservators.

How to Participate

You can participate in many different ways! Ask a Conservator Day is accessible from anywhere via social media! If events are being hosted, you can also explore local institutions and practices. By using the hashtag #AskAConservator on social media platforms, we work to provide a holistic view of what conservation entails—everything from individual conservators working in private practice to multiple conservation departments at large institutions.

Interested in Learning About Conservation?

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Conservation Professionals

To show a representative picture of conservation, we need your help! Please promote this event to friends, colleagues, and family. This can include sharing information on your social media accounts or holding events—you can participate in any way that feels appropriate.

This could include:

  • making yourself available to answer questions about conservation on your personal or practice's social media;
  • working with your institution to use their social media handles to engage with their audiences; or
  • answering questions on a livestream from your lab
  • hosting tours, lectures, or conversations at your practice or institutions in person

Past Participation

This past year, we asked conservators what got them into conservation and what keeps them in conservation. You can see their responses on our YouTube channel, their answers may surprise you!

Sample Posts and Images

We've drafted some sample posts to help promote your participation. You can also use these images with your posts.