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  • What is a general conservation assessment?

  • How do I know if CAP is right for my institution?

  • My museum had a CAP assessment several years ago, but I think it would be helpful to have a new assessment. Are we eligible to re-apply?

  • What if my collections and/or facilities are too large to be assessed within two days?

  • Is my library, archive, gallery, etc. eligible?

  • What are the differences among CAP, MAP, and StEPs?

  • Is this program the same as the CAP Program administered by Heritage Preservation from 1990-2014?

  • Is my institution eligible if it is a division of a public or private nonprofit organization?

  • Our collections are in pretty bad shape. Shouldn’t we try to improve things before we invite consultants in?

  • What if I need to withdraw from the program? Can I defer my acceptance until the following year?

  • What will I do after the assessment is complete?